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Prominence Treatment Center has an integrative approach that blends together a variety of evidence-based treatments with holistic health services. Addiction medical specialists agree that this approach has been proven to work for substance abuse. We offer daily individual sessions in a packed therapeutic program with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) emphasis. Your individualized treatment plans are tailored and personalized to meet your needs and to bring you to sobriety.

Our self-empowering curriculum will help with your self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and repressed emotions. Cognitive distortions, irrational thought patterns, insomnia; codependent relationships are also addressed in our core curriculum. Prominence Treatment Center clients practice healthy boundaries while we help you find your inner philosophy.

We provide neurofeedback, EEG -Biofeedback, coping skills training, positive approach management, decision training, positive approach therapy, anger management, and relapse prevention.

Our contracting doctors and addiction medicine specialists will supervise your onsite detox, provide you with any necessary medications and prescribe vitamins as needed. We will help you with a comprehensive discharge plan that you can take home and use for the rest of your life.

Exposure Therapies

Prominence Treatment Center’s offsite exposure therapies are proven to provide a smooth transition for clients back into the “real world”. We take our residents to restaurants, walks on Malibu beach (where it’s always exciting to see celebrities), and cultural activities like a visit to the world famous Getty Museum. Offsite meeting options include Non 12-Step Smart Recovery or 12-Step meetings. Our self-empowering approach lets our clients choose what makes sense to them. We encourage you to make decisions based on your needs and belief systems.

Holistic Health Services

Prominence Treatment Center clients are offered the opportunity to enjoy many holistic treatment approaches. These treatments include yoga classes, meditation with a licensed therapist, acupuncture, massage, art and music therapy.

Prominence Treatment Center’s healthy lifestyle programs include activities like walks on the beach, time in the gym, swimming, and exhilarating hikes. Our clients also engage in stretching programs, de-stressing practices, body awareness training, nutritional guidance, and personal trainers. Our onsite chef prepares healthy, wholesome, and delicious meals (organic when possible) for our clients.

Best Luxury Treatment Center

Our luxurious Non 12-Step rehab program is the perfect atmosphere for inspiring change. Nestled in Malibu Valley and Calabasas our exquisite substance abuse facilities are safe and comfortable with perfect weather year round.

Addictions We Treat

Prominence’s unique, self-empowerment approach has been highly successful in developing the following specialized treatment programs:

Alcohol Treatment and Rehabilitation

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Ecstasy Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamine Rehabilitation and Treatment

Oxycontin Rehabilitation and Treatment

Percocet and Vicodin Treatment Center

Disorder Treatment for Anxiety, Codependency, Depression and Gambling

Drug Detox

Drug Detox is one of the most difficult, yet important parts of drug rehabilitation. Drug detox is important because it flushes all of the toxic substances out of an individual so that he or she can begin the actual drug rehabilitation process. With this detox process often comes severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are sometimes so severe, that professional care is needed to curb these terrible reactions. Prominence Treatment Center has a dedicated team of detox personnel that monitor patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Be Free. Take That First Step To Rid Of Addiction.

Drug Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Drug addiction is a serious and difficult affliction. Whether it’s cocaine, methamphetamines, or prescription drugs, addiction can have a strong hold on anyone’s life. Prominence Treatment Center is structured and prepared to help with any type of drug addiction. Our wide range of treatment capabilities allows us to treat each client individually and find the best possible solution for recovery. Each individual has unique needs and we treat your recovery process accordingly.

Supervised Detox Program

The detox program at Prominence Treatment Center is the first—and essential—step to recovery for addicts of any sort. Our supervised detox program cleanses patients from all the toxins in their body, giving them a clean slate before treatment. Our highly trained staff is there every step of the way, monitoring our clients’ progress. The journey to addiction recovery is long, but our supervised detox program makes sure that you’re given the fresh start you need before beginning your treatment program.

Beautiful Southern California Location

A calm environment supports a peaceful recovery. Prominence Treatment Center’s beautiful Southern California facilities are the perfect spot to rest, relax, and concentrate on your recovery. The serene Malibu hills surround our first-rate facilities, giving all our clients the most tranquil inpatient experience.

Choose the Treatment You Want

Addiction recovery is most successful when you’re comfortable with your program and surroundings. That’s why Prominence Treatment Center offers a variety of different treatment options for our clients, such as our immersive inpatient treatment, our flexible day treatment program, and even our transitional/alumni programs. Whatever your personal needs for recovery are, we make sure to have an option that works for you.