Types of Addiction Treatment Programs


Prominence Treatment Center is a renowned leader in the field of inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

We understand that everyone is unique and believe your treatment should be unique to your needs and issues. Though our inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is an intense and highly effective form of rehabilitation, it is customized to fit your personal needs. Our inpatient program allows for complete focus on your recovery, and our highly trained and experienced staff seeks to help you find the answers that have eluded you thus far.

All your time and activities are focused on treating your drug and alcohol addiction, including Prominence’s daily educational group and one-on-one private sessions, both of which offer the structure you need to recover.

Day Treatment (Intensive Outpatient Program)

Day treatment programs offer a vital service that supports individuals who are transitioning from inpatient care or need a lower level of care. Prominence Treatment Center’s day treatment is a very focused and comprehensive program that provides you with the structure needed for success.

Just like our inpatient programs, our day addiction treatment programs are based on individual needs. Therefore, day treatment scheduling is based on your needs. Our day treatment patients attend three groups a day, five days a week at our facilities with our licensed and experienced clinical professionals.

Daily activity includes taking part in groups and one-on-one therapy. These activities enhance productivity and promote living a healthy lifestyle. While in our day treatment program, you will spend the entirety of your day working towards sobriety and recovery. After completing your daily treatment, you are free to return to your own residence at night or stay in our sober living housing.


Since there is no ultimate cure for addiction, Prominence Treatment Center’s aftercare programs play a crucial role in preventing relapses and preserving abstinence. Continued treatment and awareness are the best methods of continuing your addiction rehab sobriety.

Our discharge specialists, case managers, and primary therapists work together to create the most effective plan for your future sobriety. We offer continued support and care after individuals leave our facility to help your long-term success.


At Prominence Treatment Center, we are dedicated to our patients and pride ourselves that you chose to trust us with your recovery. At the end of your individualized program, you are welcome to join our Prominence Alumni Program, which allows individuals to stay connected with one another as well as with our Prominence Treatment Center family. By becoming a member of the Prominence Alumni Program, you will have access to Prominence news and programs that are offered by the extended Prominence network. Though you will have left our facilities as a patient, being a part of the Prominence Alumni Program means you never have to feel alone.

Alumni Opportunities and Benefits

Alumni of Prominence Treatment Center have found that their extended recovery benefits from continued connection to the Prominence Treatment Center family. At the very minimum, we stay connected with alumni through our monthly newsletter, updating individuals on the latest Prominence news. But our alumni program’s most valuable asset to individuals is our in-house alumni gatherings.

Every month we hold an in-house alumni meeting for clients who have completed the program at Prominence. At these meetings, alumni can reconnect with friends made while in treatment and spend time with our staff. We encourage our alumni to share their stories of struggle and triumph with their addictions. These meetings continue the recovery process and help build and reinforce relationships.

We hope once you’ve finished your program at Prominence Treatment Center, you continue to be a part of our family through our Alumni Program. Successful alumni are a great inspiration for our current residents, helping motivate them as they work toward sobriety.

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