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Left untreated, heroin abuse can be fatal. Individuals who abuse heroin have a death rate 50 to 100 times greater than the general population. Many users ultimately die of a heroin overdose. If you are struggling with a heroin problem and are having a tough time convincing others that you are in control, Prominence Treatment Center is your answer. We offer an on-site heroin detox and treatment program in an inviting, proactive environment, enabling you to finally end your addiction to this highly dangerous drug.

The Short-Term Dangers of Heroin

When heroin enters the body, it seeks out receptors in the brain and intestinal tract. The heroin molecules attach to these receptors and set off a chain of chemical reactions. The chemical reactions cause extended feelings of heightened excitement and pleasure. Heroin users typically feel:

  • A Feeling of Relaxation
  • A Warm, Tingling Feeling in the Skin
  • Dry Mouth
  • Heaviness in the Extremities

Despite these short-term dangers, the euphoric high heroin users feel outweigh the consequences. It’s for this reason that users can become addicted to heroin, which leads to more dangerous longer-term effects. This is where treatment for heroin is better served as early into the problem as possible.

The Long-Term Effects of Heroin Use

The effects of heroin can be very strenuous on the body, most notably the brain. Reports indicate that extended use of heroin can increase difficulty with memory, poor spatial concepts, and recognizing patterns. Performance on mental tests erodes and the brain itself might even appear shrunken or inactive on brain scans. The treatment of heroin may decrease the probability of permanent damage.

Heroin abuse and addiction can lead health problems like:

  • Abscesses
  • Collapsed Veins
  • Blood-born Infections like Hepatitis B and C or HIV/AIDS
  • Heart and Lung Infections

The use of intravenous needles is what increases risk of these infections, but it’s the increased tolerance to heroin that makes heroin lethal. As addicts build a tolerance to the effects of heroin, more heroin is needed to induce the desired high. This need for increasing doses of heroin to feel the same high is what leads to a decrease heart rate and breathing, ultimately leading to an overdose. Seeing heroin help or heroin treatment is the first step to recovery.

Getting Help for Heroin

At Prominence Treatment, we offer a heroin rehab, an inpatient drug treatment program to help you overcome heroin. Quitting heroin will cause your body to go into a protracted withdrawal, causing symptoms like sweating and nausea. These withdrawal symptoms are why we start clients off with a supervised heroin detox program.

Upon completing the detox program and stabilizing your health, we work with you to create your custom Non 12-Step treatment plan at our rehab for heroin. Our world-class professionals and experienced staff work directly with you to make sure your heroin recovery is successful.

Luxury Amenities Facilitate Successful Recovery

Recovery at any of our Prominence Heroin Treatment Centers includes first-class amenities like delicious meals from a personal chef, relaxation by the pool or restful peace in a tranquil garden. Our program offers you treatments like yoga, music, and art therapy treatments for heroin addicts to ensure you completely recover from your addiction.

Get the help you need by calling us today at . We’re available 24/7, ready to help you overcome your recovery from heroin and live the life you desire. Space is limited so do not hesitate to call. Even if you’ve started your own treatment, consider getting heroin withdrawal help at Prominence. We’re ready to take your call.

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