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Prominence Treatment Center is one of the leading providers of cocaine addiction treatment in the Malibu area. Prominence is a world class facility which caters to its patients with the utmost respect and dignity. Not only is your problem handled with complete care, but your stay at Prominence will be nothing short of amazing.

Our Cocaine Rehab & Treatment Center

Those seeking help for a cocaine addiction have come to the right place. With our luxurious amenities, you can come to Prominence to relax and take back your life from the intense grip of cocaine addiction. Give our addiction counselors a call today at  if you are ready to take that important first step towards freedom from addiction.Resort-Style Cocaine Addiction Treatment Prominence Treatment Center offers one of the most robust and fully customizable cocaine treatment programs in the country. From the moment that you set foot in our facilities, your worries will be no more as you are immersed in our intense Non 12-Step program.

The cocaine recovery process begins with a supervised detox. After the detoxification process, the body is completely free of the drug cocaine and you can begin the recovery process. Combining evidence based psychotherapy treatment with our holistic approach to addiction management, provides all of the keys to success at your fingertips.

Our facilities in the hills of Malibu, California are second to none in terms of service and comfort for our clients. One of our goals is to bring a little bit of home to your stay at Prominence. Our rooms have spacious kitchens, plush beds, and high end amenities which include a pool, spa and exercise equipment.

The treatment specialists at Prominence will do everything in their power to help you succeed in your battle over cocaine addiction. If you are ready to speak with someone about cocaine treatment, please call us at. We are waiting by the phone to help you transform your life from the lows associated with addiction to the extreme accomplishment that is sure to come after beating this deadly disease.

Identifying Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet. Cocaine is originally derived from the coca plant, and has been turned into a variety of different drugs. All of these drugs have extremely addictive qualities which make the process of overcoming cocaine addiction very difficult. Cocaine is consumed in three primary forms:

  • Injection – This is often the quickest high as the drug immediately enters the blood stream after the initial injection. This is also the most addictive of the various methods used to consume cocaine.
  • Snorting – This is the most glamorized form of cocaine consumption. When most think of cocaine, they think of it being consumed in this way. Many popular movies feature famous actors or actresses snorting cocaine which sends the wrong signal to our younger generations.
  • Smoked – When cocaine is smoked it is often referred to as crack. Crack is one of the cheaper ways to obtain a high from cocaine, but can still be very addictive.

Cocaine is an extreme stimulant which causes users to experience extreme highs followed by extreme lows. It is often said that a user will never be able to attain a high equal to the level of their first cocaine experience. However, this does not stop most cocaine users from trying to attain this ultimate high. Due to cocaine’s stimulant properties, major health problems can occur from prolonged cocaine addiction. The most common health problems associated with habitual cocaine use include:

  • Heart Attack
  • Respiratory Failure
  • Stroke
  • Seizure
  • Death

If you are a cocaine user and have not exhibited these health problems, you most surely have dealt with depression attributed with the constant need for this powerful drug. Cocaine changes the way that the mind works and creates a chemical dependence on this horrific drug.

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