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Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

Nestled in the beautiful hills of Malibu, California, Prominence Treatment Center is a experienced leader in Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation. A California Department of Alcohol and Addiction member, Prominence offers compassionate and personal care in a luxurious and peaceful setting.

The core philosophy of our treatment center is our Non 12-Step Program. Unlike other conventional 12-step programs, our unique model offers you a personal, individualized treatment plan, developed with your input as well as expert recommendations from our addiction specialists.

We treat YOU, not just your addiction and find that the long-term recovery rate is much higher than using the same plan for all of our clients. Prominence Treatment Center features specialized programs to help treat addiction to alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, oxycontin, Percocet and Vicodin. Detoxification is a key component of many treatment plans. Prominence offers supervised detox for all of our clients in the comfort of our private and luxurious rooms.

At Prominence, you can tailor your addiction plan using a wide variety of onsite specialty programs within our Malibu center.

Examples Include:

Here are a few features that set Prominence apart from other traditional addiction treatment centers:

Individualized Treatment Plans: using the highly successful Non 12-Step Program.

Multidisciplinary Approach and Holistic Therapy: treating the whole person and addressing physical, psychological and spiritual health. Prominence offers acupuncture, massage, beach walks, psycho-spiritual counseling, meditation and daily relaxation sessions.

Luxurious, Private Rooms: with resort-like amenities that feel more like home than a hospital.

Access to Technology: Prominence does not restrict electronic communication like other rehab facilities. Instead, we encourage clients to maintain contact with loved ones who offer support.

Limited Number of Beds: only 6 beds so that we can provide you with continuous care around the clock.

State of the Art Exercise Facilities Including: pool, spa facilities, exhilarating hikes and walks along the beautiful Malibu beaches.


What You Can Expect at the Conclusion of the Addiction Program

You will leave Prominence renewed, empowered and ready to face your life with strength and resolve. To help with your successful transition from our luxurious in-patient facility back to your everyday life, Prominence also offers tailored day only programs, and supportive aftercare follow-up. We value the relationship that we develop with you during your stay and strive to maintain contact with clients to help you encourage your strong commitment to recovery.


Now is the Time

If you are a loved one who suffers from addiction, please consider calling one of our trained addiction specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a confidential assessment. It is never too late to take the first step toward recovery. We are here to help you. We understand how difficult this can be and will be with you every step of the way.

Prominence Treatment Center has deep experience in a full spectrum of addictions. Our highly trained staff is equipped to be able to handle any addiction or combination of symptoms. We stay up-to-date on the latest, most effective treatment programs for our patients to ensure that we’re giving you the best opportunity for recovery.

Addictions & Co-ocurring Disorders That We Treat:

Treatment Modalities & Techniques:

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