Positive Approach Therapy

Positive Approach for Treatment and Therapy

Positive Approach Therapy

The traditional 12-Step rehab programs have helped many individuals with continued maintenance, but its one drawback is that it reinforces the negative view that many individuals already have on themselves.

Instead of continuing this cycle of negative thinking with our patients, Prominence Treatment Center looks to inspire residents with the Positive Approach Therapy within our treatment.

Prominence Treatment Center’s Non 12-Step alternative programs are designed to restore our patients’ integrity and self-esteem by promoting self-worth, self-discovery, and introspective happiness.

Replacing negative, destructive thoughts with Positive Approach Therapy like positive thinking and an optimistic view of the future, helps individuals with their recovery process.

It is important that each of our residents is able to view themselves as capable of achieving their goals and finding inner peace. Our emphasis on personal freedom of the past removes our patients’ feelings of dread, inspiring them with our “moving forward philosophy”. This helps drive our patients from their past failures and toward a positive perspective.

We teach our residents that past failures do not dictate future success.

Individuals’ self-discovery allows them to develop awareness of their strengths and allows them to become more resilient to life’s unexpected challenges.

By creating an environment that’s focused on the positive, patients become more secure and committed to a new way of life.

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