Dual Diagnosis Therapy

Why Choose Us for Dual Diagnosis Therapy?

Prominence Treatment Center specializes in helping individuals with more than one mental disorder (referred to as dual diagnosis). Located in the beautiful hills of Malibu, California, your recovery will take place in peace and serenity, with relaxing activities, delicious meals shared with a only 5 other residents. Bring your cellphone and laptop if you’d like, we welcome electronics during your stay.

The most common dual diagnosis is substance abuse and depression. Individuals with dual diagnoses require special medical and psychological treatment because each diagnosis requires individual treatment, but also plays a role in the other diagnosis’ outcome.

Who Gets Dually Diagnosed?

The rate of co-occurring disorders is high among individuals who suffer from mental disorders. Researchers have found nearly half the individuals who suffer from mental issues are also addicted to a substance. One third of alcohol abusers have been diagnosed with a mental disorder, while half of drug abusers have. It’s no secret that there is a strong correlation between mental issues and addiction.

Mental Issues that are often dually diagnosed with addiction:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bi-polar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders

Getting the Help You Need

Our staff of licensed psychologists and therapists, lead by director Dr. Sager, is fully trained at dealing with dually diagnosed patients. Making the proper diagnosis is vital to helping individuals take the proper next steps to recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Therapy at Prominence Treatment Center

Substance and alcohol abuse can worsen a mental illness. If patients are not properly diagnosed, they’re unable to receive the full treatment they need to recover. Our professional staff, with more than 20 years of experience, incorporates both addiction treatment and mental health into one comprehensive program. The individually structured treatment plans ensure that everyone receives the best and most relevant treatment for their needs. If you need to find dual diagnosis treatment centers in Los Angeles, please call to set up an appointment for you or a loved one who suffers from or is suspected to be suffering from co-occurring disorders.

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