Pain Management Therapy

At Prominence Treatment Center we understand that there is a difference between chronic pain management and addiction.

Pain Management

First, and most importantly, we listen to all individuals who report pain, and we treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve. We never dismiss people who complain about pain; rather, we work together with them to lessen its effects.

We’re aware there is no way we can feel the pain our clients are enduring when they arrive to our facilities.

But, our alternative pain management therapy specialists are trained to work with residents to help them safely and effectively manage their physical and emotional pain. We make sure physical and emotional discomfort is not eased with an abundance of prescription pills or self medicated options like drugs and alcohol.

Instead, we work together to taper patients off their addictive substance(s) and find a manageable, long-term solution. Our goal is to help individuals manage their pain in a healthy manner that does not lead to continued addiction.

We understand that chronic pain is complex, and it has no easy fix. At Prominence Treatment Center, proper pain management treatment is done through one-on-one consultation. We’ll then responsibly address the physical pain as well as work on identifying the psychological characteristics as well.

We know that pain is relative to the individual.

There is no proper way to treat everyone the same when it comes to pain management. Chronic pain has a negative effect on mood and motivation.

Prominence Treatment Center addresses each individual’s specific pain in order to help him or her separate physical pain from the psychological effects. By reducing stress levels, we make it easier for residents to recover.

Our Individualized Treatment Plan Includes:

  • Physical examination, with a complete medical history assessment
  • Supervised detox (when needed)
  • Pharmacology tests

Individuals with Coexisting Addictions May Ask

  • Will I be able to function without my medication?
  • Will the pain be too overwhelming
  • How are you going to help me get over this pain?

At Prominence Treatment Center, our staff is equipped to answer these questions—and any others—our patients may have. We construct comprehensive treatment and discharge plans to make sure that individuals receive the best care available. Our team also makes sure to educate individuals on the outcomes of taking the proper amount of pain medication.

Is Prominence Treatment Right for you?

If you or someone you love suffers from chronic pain, or is suffering from an addiction to pain medication call  Our pain management specialist will guide you in making the right decision for you and your pain needs.

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