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Why Choose Us for Holistic Treatment?

At Prominence, we understand that holistic care is a method of care in which all personal needs, whether psychological, social, or physical, are viewed and treated as one whole entity. Therefore, our holistic rehab offers an array of holistic services, such as massage therapy, music and more.

Holistic Care Treatment

It emphasizes the importance of looking at the individual as a whole, as one unit, that needs complete physical, mental, and spiritual health. Holistic medicine focuses on the importance of education and responsibility in order to achieve a balanced and healthy life.

Prominence Treatment Center has chosen the holistic treatment method because of its many benefits to our residents. Taking the holistic care approach is what allows us to not only help residents with their short-term problems, but also work out the issues for the long term.

Addressing the mind, body, and soul of an addict leads to inner peace and serenity. Prominence Treatment Center’s facilities were designed to maximize the benefit of the holistic treatment. Our quiet Malibu homes and facilities provide residents with everything they need for recovery.

Some of the Holistic Care Components of Prominence’s Programs Include:

  • Wholesome and complete meals
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Daily exercise
  • De-stressing practices
  • Stretching programs
  • Body awareness training
  • Self esteem enhancement
  • Positive thinking training
  • Daily relaxation sessions
  • Meditation with a licensed therapist
  • Psycho-spiritual counseling
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Beach walks
  • Exhilarating hikes
  • Spiritual meditation

A Focus on Nutrition and Exercise

Improving the health and physical wellbeing of individuals in recovery is a high priority at Prominence Treatment Center.

By providing food that is nutritious and offering a daily fitness program, we believe we can get individuals back to their optimum health.

Proper nutrition can have a big impact on individuals struggling with their Non 12-Step recovery.

Balanced meals are a building block to stabilizing residents and returning their bodies back to a natural, healthy state. A healthy diet teaches residents what it feels like to be physically satisfied without drugs and alcohol.

Brain chemistry and stress are both affected by the food and chemicals that are eaten. Many individuals are missing important nutrition in their meals.

We help introduce fresh, nutritious, and beneficial foods into the daily lifestyle of the individuals at our facility. We believe that individuals will benefit by learning that what they eat is directly affecting how they feel.

Individuals are able to learn that when proper meals with proper nutrition are included into their lives, they can assist in diminishing the cravings and impulses to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Along with a healthy diet, our health and fitness staff encourages individuals to participate in healthy indoor and outdoor activities. Exercises like weight training, cardio kickboxing, fitness boot camp, yoga, hiking, and swimming are all available to residents at our Malibu facilities.

Though proper nutrition is an important component of the Non 12-Step recovery process, it is not enough for our residents. Each individual meets with a nutritionist who assists him or her to structure and plan a healthy and achievable food plan. The hope is that this plan will help the individual beyond the time spent in treatment.

Getting comfortable with one’s body is a critical factor in long-term health and happiness. Prominence Treatment Center’s residential addiction treatment programs focus on the individuals’ long-term health by providing high-quality meals, nutrition plans, and physical fitness workouts to keep residents sober and healthy long after they leave our facilities.

We believe that these are the final components of our Non 12-Step Rehab Program.

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