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Today is the day you discover life without addiction. You no longer have to feel controlled and overwhelmed by drugs and alcohol. Prominence Treatment Center wants to help you with our Non 12-Step Rehab Program.

I appreciated being treated as an intelligent adult who has the ability to change my own destructive behaviors.
-Steven B

You’ll find that with the Non 12-Step approach, we listen. The Non 12-Step Rehabilitation Program is designed to be flexible, and customizable for each individual. We hear your needs and desires. Our counselors will work with you to find the most suitable treatment program for your specific needs.

Your best shot at recovery is by finding a solution tailored exactly to your personality and needs. Don’t gamble your life with a predetermined rehab program, which may or may not work for you. Prominence Treatment Center’s Non 12-Step Program is the perfect rehab if you’re serious about saving your life.

I came to Prominence after two failed attempts to stop drinking at very well-known and respected 12-step treatment facilities. At Prominence I finally realized that the key to my recovery was not simply to not pick up another drink for the rest of my life (a daunting thought to me at the time), but to start living. Really living. Through the individual therapy and many things I referred to as voodoo (boy was I wrong), I have found my true self.
-Jeff P


At Prominence Treatment Center You Will:

  • Receive the personalized care you need to recover.
  • Discover your addiction’s underlying causes.
  • Learn to live a wonderful life, free of addiction.

If you call us today, you’ll be eligible for a confidential, individual assessment with one of our intake specialists. In just 15 minutes, our specialists will be able to answer your questions about Prominence Treatment Center and our Non 12-Step Rehab Program. We have limited space; so don’t hesitate to call. It will be the best decision of your life.

I had been to treatment centers my whole life. I started to think I was one of the ones who could not get this. Now I get it! Thank you so much for saving my life.
-Mark W

The next step to your sobriety is only a phone call away.

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