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Help is here. We know living with a loved one that suffers from addiction can be a draining experience. You’re constantly worried and feel powerless. You hate seeing someone you love self-destruct. Well, you don’t have to free your loved one from addiction alone. Prominence Treatment Center is ready to step in and assist your loved one in drug and alcohol recovery.

Your friend or family member will be in good hands at our rehab treatment center. The Non 12-Step Treatment Program we use is personalized for each individual client and is led by industry leaders. Prominence Treatment Center will work with you and your loved one to find the best solution to regain a normal, healthy lifestyle.

It has been almost 6 months since I stopped drinking and the advice, education, and help given to me reverberates in my mind on a daily basis.
Gary M.

Some families prefer to be more hands on with treatment, while others would rather step back and let trained professionals take over. Prominence Treatment Center can accommodate either preference. If you think you would like to be involved, discover more about our family program therapy and how everyone in your family will benefit.

Our family program will allow you to:

  • Stay in contact with your loved one during treatment.
  • Visit your loved one and schedule family outings.
  • Participate in familial workshops to rebuild relationships.

If you want to try the more hands off approach, we’re more than ready to give you a break. Our clients enjoy a comfortable living arrangement at our in-patient facilities. It’s a home away from home, complete with beautiful views and luxury amenities. This ideal living situation will allow your loved one to focus on his/her recovery 100%.

Once admitted, your loved one will:

  • Receive personalized care based on your needs.
  • Empower individuals to make positive life changes.
  • Properly heal with one-on-one attention.
Prominence Treatment Center provides a safe, friendly and comfortable environment which I began my recovery. It is through the compassion and courage of the staff and the unique, personalized therapeutic approach that I have *finally *gained the confidence to progress from initial recovery to a successful program of maintaining an authentic sober life-style.
Annie Z
In my experience of over 20+ inpatient stays at detox and rehabs, I have found nothing has come close to the education and tools I learned at Prominence.
Daniel F

Don’t wait another moment. Help save your loved one’s life today. Our intake specialists can answer all your questions in 15 minutes. But don’t delay. Our in-patient program has limited space. So help your loved one get the help they need immediately. Make the life-saving call today.

It also made me feel much more comfortable that most of the people that work at Prominence are actually recovering alcoholics/addicts as well.
Kristie M
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