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Why Smoking Alcohol Is So Dangerous

You’ve heard of drinking alcohol and you’ve heard of smoking illegal drugs, but have you ever heard of smoking alcohol? If this concept is unfamiliar to you, beware. Especially if you have children or know someone who is a teenage or in their early twenties.

Smoking Alcohol Is Dangerous
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Smoking alcohol is a new method of consuming alcohol. YouTube videos indicate that people are vaporizing alcohol with their dry ice or air pumps and inhaling the vapors in order to get drunk. This is incredibly dangerous and parents (and users) should be aware of the consequences of smoking alcohol.

Smoking alcohol bypasses your body’s normal path of processing alcohol. Instead, it sends the alcohol straight to your lungs and brain. Binge drinking for men is considered five drinks at one sitting. Smoking alcohol can emulate this level of binge drinking in seconds. Therefore, it makes it very difficult for a person to gauge how many drinks they’ve had.

Smoking Alcohol Goes Straight to Your Lungs
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Alcohol poisoning and alcohol overdose are serious consequences of smoking alcohol. And it’s very easy to reach this point of intoxication through smoking alcohol. There is no way to know how much you have had to drink. You can’t keep a loose count based on the number of beer cans in the trash can. Instead, you smoke a drop of alcohol and are immediately drunk.

Aside from the alcohol related consequences, your lungs pay the price of smoking alcohol. Like anything else people smoke, alcohol is harmful to your lungs. Your lungs are not meant to inhale alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. Just like drugs and tobacco, smoking alcohol will result in poor lung health. For example, viral meningitis is an increased risk when alcohol is smoked.

It can not be understated how dangerous it is to for anyone to start smoking alcohol. High school and college students like it because it’s cheaper and faster to get drunk. Also, it’s easier to hide than walking around with a brown paper bag. Older adults are dabbling in it because they think they’re saving calories (they’re not). Whatever your reason is, smoking alcohol should not be done under any scenario. If you are worried that someone you love is smoking alcohol, call Prominence Treatment Center and our reps can help you determine a plan to help. 877-383-2284


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