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Why Physical Fitness Helps Addiction And Recovery

Exercise is an important part of our daily lives. Whether you prefer a walk on the beach, a hike in the hills, or a game of basketball at the park, everyone needs to exercise regularly. It’s especially helpful to those who are in recovery from their substance abuse addiction.

Holistic Treatment: Mind and Body

At Prominence Treatment Center, one of our guiding principles is taking the holistic care approach to treating our clients. This means treating the client’s symptoms and finding the root cause of the problem. It also means that we treat the mind and the body for a well-rounded treatment program.

Many clients come to us in poor health
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Many of our clients come to us in poor physical health. This is a combination of their substance abuse addiction and the lifestyle that accompanied the addiction. It’s easy to assume most clients aren’t in top physical shape, but it’s less obvious that they aren’t properly nourished.

By providing proper nutrition to clients, Prominence Treatment Center is laying a new foundation of good health. Getting your body back to its normal, healthy state will help teach your body that it can feel good without drugs and alcohol. A healthy diet helps your body remember what it’s like to be satisfied without drugs and alcohol.

Channel Nervous Energy

When you enter a drug rehabilitation center, you’re going to be removing something from your life—your addiction. This can cause a nervous reaction among many recovering addicts. You will feel an empty void because you no longer have drugs or alcohol to occupy much of your time. An effective way to combat this is to redirect this misplaced energy with exercise to help addiction and recovery can be easier.

Physical activity is a great distraction for recovering addicts. If you’re recovering at an inpatient drug rehabilitation center, you will spend your time laying around and thinking about your addiction. Alternatively, adding physical activity to your rehabilitation routine will occupy your mind and body. Getting off the couch and out in the sun can help boost your energy levels, increase your metabolism, and improve your overall health. Your improved health will make your recovery process easier and will better position you for sustained, long-term addiction recovery success.

A Brand New Lifestyle

Your time at an inpatient drug rehab is like a caterpillar hibernating in a cocoon. You enter as one thing—an addict—and leave an entirely different person.

Recovery Gives You A New Life
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During your time in treatment, you will learn new ways to think and approach different situations without relying on the presence of drugs or alcohol as an aid. This is the perfect time to also address your poor nutritional and physical health. The two aspects feed off each other, so addressing your fitness during this time of physical changes is an important measure for focusing on your new lifestyle.

What Prominence Treatment Center Offers

Our Malibu facilities offer a wide variety of physical activities, both indoor and outdoors, for our inpatient residents. Traditional exercise options, such as weight training, yoga, and swimming are accessible to our residents. But because of Malibu’s terrific year-round weather, we can offer physical activities that other facilities simply cannot. Bicycle rides along the beach, hikes in the Malibu hills, and outdoor fitness boot camps are all offered to our residents on a regular, yearly basis.

Positive Approach TherapyWe complement our physical activities with nutrition program. We use individual meetings with nutritionists to supplement the role nutrition plays in the Non 12-Step Rehab process. These nutritionists assist you with your specific fitness needs as you adjust to a lifestyle without the dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Drug and alcohol rehab is not just about eliminating the toxins and finding a way to resist these temptations. It’s about healing your body and learning a new way to live. Proper diet and fitness activity are essential to this transition and to long-term success.

If you have further questions on the role fitness plays in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our number is 877-383-2284.

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