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Why Only 1 in 10 People with Addictions Will Seek Help

PT28171Millions of Americans suffer from addiction in America but only about 10 percent of them make efforts to solve their problem. This is quite a problem because addiction has consequences on its victims, their family and friends and the society as a whole.

But why will just these few people go for help? Why do 90 percent of Americans who suffer from addiction not make an effort to sort out the problem? Let’s look at some of these reasons.

Limited finances and/or health insurance coverage

While the US government has made great strides to provide basic health care for all, not every individual is able to really afford health insurance. This is quite a problem because such people continue to go through difficult situations with no real help available for them. With their limited financial resources, such people find it really difficult getting help from addiction.

Healthcare disparities in different states

Healthcare coverage in America is not comprehensive. The Affordable Care Act gives states the option to include mental health and substance abuse in their plan. Unfortunately, 40 percent of US states have not done that. This is a great limitation for those who would have loved to go for addiction treatment in these states.


It is no news that with addiction comes stigma. Many people shy away from seeking help for their addiction because they don’t want to be ridiculed by the society. Perhaps if the world did not give addiction a negative connotation, many more Americans will seek help from the problem.

Addiction is no doubt a serious problem. As much as we would not want to be identified as addicts, we ought to do our best to go for treatment if it befalls us. Addicts need to understand that it is OK to fall, but what makes them a hero is their ability to identify that they fell, and then rise up again. Rising up is all about going for treatment so that you can lead a normal life again after your addiction.

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