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Why Do Women Seek Alcohol Treatment Sooner Than Men?

A recent study found that women who suffer from alcohol abuse, seek help four to five years earlier than men who also suffer from alcohol abuse. The study discovered that women sought treatment after 10 years of alcohol abuse, while men waited 15 years. These findings are beneficial for friends and family members, who know someone addicted to alcohol as it could impact treatment options and success.

Alcohol abuse starts at a young age
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The study also found that women start drinking around the same time men typically do. The average starting age for women is 19, while the figure for men is 18. Both sexes reported that drinking became an issue in their early twenties, which is significant given that those who start drinking earlier in life are more likely to suffer from addiction.

Alcohol addiction is typically associated with men, since more men suffer from overall alcohol abuse. But the study also states that while men might have a higher prevalence of alcohol abuse, women are just as vulnerable to alcohol addiction.

The study did not give a definitive reason why women seek treatment sooner than men, but one hypothesis suggests there is less social stigma toward drinking problems for women compared to men. This makes admitting a drinking problem easier for females. Regardless of why women seek treatment sooner, we can still glean useful information from this study.

This study’s finding are important for several reasons. They give friends and families a broad timeline with alcohol addiction and treatment. Getting your loved one to admit to an alcohol problem can be very difficult. While you definitely don’t want to wait for fifteen years to get your friend help, knowing approximately how long they’ve had a drinking problem might help you get them to alcohol treatment.

Women seek alcohol treatment before men
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The study also reinforces the idea that people who suffer from alcoholism start drinking heavily at a younger age. Alcohol abuse doesn’t just start one day as an adult, it’s a long road to addiction. Alcohol is most abused before the age of 21, the legal drinking age. This is why preventing alcohol abuse and educating teens is so important. For some, abusing alcohol isn’t just a passing phase in college, it actually sets the stage for long-term adult behavior.

Getting an alcoholic to treatment is difficult and staying sober is equally so. Many people resist because they’re in denial of their addiction, which is the first step to getting someone to rehab. Knowing that women typically get help at 10 years of addiction while men get help at 15 years is helpful. We know that they’re more open to recovery than someone who might be forced to come in after a few years of addiction.

If you are the parent of a child in their teens or early twenties, be aware of their drinking behavior. This study shows that becoming addicted to alcohol this young can lead to more than ten years of alcohol addiction. If you know someone who is an alcoholic and refusing treatment, look back at their history. This could help you determine if they’re ready for alcohol rehab.

Each person and scenario is different. Call Prominence Treatment Center today if you know someone who might be suffering from alcohol addiction and one of our representatives can help you determine the best course of action. 877-383-2284

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