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Why Do Many Addicts Avoid Going to Rehab?

PT228171Addiction is a huge problem in the United States, yet many addicts avoid going for rehab. As serious as the problem is, many victims do not seem to see any reason why they should go for treatment. Americans like human beings in every other part of the world get addicted to virtually everything; drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex. For some reason, however, many of them seem not to be quite comfortable seeking a solution to their problem.

With the number of addicts increasing every single day, one would expect to see the number of Americans going for rehab increase drastically. However, the exact opposite of that is what has been the case. In America, addicts rather shun rehab. And now the big question; Why? Why do many addicts avoid going for rehab when we expect many more of them to? What could possibly cause these addicts to shun treatment facilities when the world expects them to flood these centers?  Let’s look at a few possible reasons.

Addicts claim to feel happier in their state

Addicts who live in denial of their problem always claim that they are happy with their situation. However, there is evidence that proves that that such people generally have more miserable than happy moments. They may enjoy the feel good effects of the substance they are addicted to, but once they are off the substance, their misery befalls them heavily. Quite often, they wonder where and how they will get money to continue to buy the product they are addicted to.

Addicts fear losing friends after rehab

These days, there is a lot of stigmatization linked to addiction. Addicts fear that when they become normal again after rehab, they will be stigmatized. While this assertion is not completely false, addicts will never lose all their friends after rehabilitation. On the contrary, they will likely make many more friends.

Addicts claim to not be comfortable with public speaking

This is another lame excuse used by addicts to stay away from rehab. Most rehab sessions have very few people to constitute any threat to someone who is not comfortable with public speaking. People who give this excuse just use it as a way to shun treatment centers.

There are probably other reasons why addicts refuse to go for rehabilitation. Whatever these reasons may be, one thing is certain; they are just excuses that do not really have a place in the argument the addicts try to put forth. If there is anything an addict should ever think of in life, it is going for rehabilitation and taking the bold step to quit.

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