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What’s the Difference Between Pain Management and Addiction?

Pain, it’s something millions of Americans suffer with on a daily basis. Chronic pain affects approximately 100 million U.S. adults per year. No one wants to be in pain. Pain reduces a person’s quality of life, causing prescription pain medications to be prescribed to an individual. While this will ease a person’s day-to-day pain, will this increase the likelihood of a prescription drug addiction?

Prescription drugs can lead to a very dangerous situation. Pain medications are highly addictive and far more accessible to people, unlike cocaine or heroin.  The combination of access and addictive qualities has left many people hooked to the very pills that they were once prescribed by their doctor.

What's the difference between pain management and abuse?
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The problem presented here is the fine line between managing legitimate pain and taking the pills for a high. When someone takes a pain medication, they’re going to feel a sense of relief. They’re going to feel good because their pain is finally gone. But people can also sense a feeling of euphoria. Soon, it’s this high, the feeling of euphoria people experience that they begin to chase. No longer are the pills intended to ease pain, but rather, to bring back this good feeling. It’s this invisible chasm that is so dangerous for many people who suffer from pain.

A quick fall into prescription drug addiction can ruin a person’s life (or set it back greatly) in a blink of an eye. In order to avoid such a tragic turn of events, there are things that you can do to avoid falling prey to prescription drug addiction.

The easiest place to start is to always follow the drug’s directions carefully. Do not change your dose or timetable without consulting your doctor. These are not suggestions for use, but rather specific directions, which are there for a reason. So follow the directions.

Understand what the drug does. By knowing how the drug will affect you, you can determine if the drug is working. You’ll be much more aware of the medication for your pain than being caught up in the a feeling of being high.


Pain Addiction is Fast Growing
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If your pain subsides but you still have pills left, consult with your physician. If you no longer need the medication, then you should discard the pills properly. Do not tempt yourself by having the drugs lying around your house.

If you have crossed the line from treating pain with prescription drugs and moved on to taking drugs for a good feeling, know that it’s not too late. There is help out there. Just because you accidentally got hooked on prescription drugs does not mean your life is destined to be over. Rather, there are prescription drug treatment centers, like Prominence Treatment Center, that can help you overcome addiction.

By calling Prominence Treatment Center today, you can speak with someone directly about your situation. We can assist you with a detox program and a long-term approach to overcoming your addiction. Don’t let your life get out of hand and be controlled by drugs like oxycodone or vicodin. Take control and find the right solution for you.

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