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What Should I Do If I Have An Addiction?

PT228172Many people in America have an addiction and do not know what to do to solve it. People get addicted to different things, and solving these different addictions may depend on the substance or whatever the patient is addicted to. There are, however, some basic principles you can follow; some basic steps you can take that will help you deal with an addiction problem.

Seeking help is probably the best thing you can do to solve your addiction problem. But to be able to seek help, you have to identify that you have an addiction problem. When this is done, reach out to a trusted friend or relative and present the problem to them. One of the biggest mistakes addicts make is to try to overcome their problem on their own. It’s usually almost impossible, so confide trusted friends and relatives.

Tell your friends or relatives about your decision to stop

Telling your friends about your decision to quit is wise. Quite often, they will be able to stay with you and provide all the support you may need. During the rehabilitation process, you will need a lot of support get going. These trusted friends and relatives are the people to look up to for such support.

Request the presence of friends and relatives when you need them

Like already mentioned, people who get addicted and decide to quit need all the support they can possibly get. While not everyone will welcome and encourage your attempts to quit, you close friends and relatives; people you confide in will be there for you. Do not hesitate to ask for them whenever you think you need them. They will certainly not be by your side all the time but the moment you feel like you need them for anything, never resist calling on them.

Prepare yourself to overcome temptations

Addicts are usually quite vulnerable when they are undergoing a recovery. They can very easily fall get to relapse with the slightest temptation. If you have an addiction therefore and you are in the process of recovery, prepare yourself to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Note that you could find yourself at any instance in a place where you are exposed to the substance you are addicted to. Prepare yourself for such occurrences and no matter how tempted you get, do not fall back on your recovery.

Another thing you can do is avoid going to places where you will such temptations. If you are addicted to alcohol, for example, going to a bar or attending a party puts you at risk of relapsing. Avoid these places all together as much as you can.

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