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What Is the Success Rate of Drug Rehab?

When people search “Los Angeles Drug Rehab Centers” their first question is often, “What is the success rate of drug rehab?” And the answer to that question is, there is no such thing as a success rate in treatment centers.

This answer comes as a complete surprise to many prospective clients. Surely there has to be a success rate? The reality is that drug rehab centers that tout a success rate are most likely making up numbers for marketing purposes.

Why Is This?

What is the success rate of drug rehab?
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Defining success in rehab seems easy. It refers to the percentage of those who become sober, right? But what does sober mean? How long does someone have to stay sober to be considered a success? If a client stays sober for a year then falls off the wagon, are they considered a success or failure? How do you know when someone stays sober forever? What if a patient gains sobriety, relapses, then goes back to therapy? Success? What is the cutoff mark for success?

All of these variables demonstrate why it is extremely difficult to determine if a drug rehab treatment center has a specific success rate. So how does someone determine if a drug rehab center is right for you? Reference on old post of ours, “What to look for in a substance abuse program.

What DO You Look For in a Rehab Center?


In this post, we identify four major factors you must weigh when deciding which rehab center to check into. None of these factors are a center’s success rate.

Your process starts with choosing a 12-Step or Non 12-Step program. Each program has a different process to sobriety, which can affect your outcome. Secondly, you must weigh the option of inpatient versus outpatient treatment. This largely depends on the severity of the patient’s addiction and whether he or she feels they must be under close supervision in order to achieve sobriety. Third, when picking a drug treatment center, one must consider the importance of on-site amenities  What environment will make you the most comfortable and able to recover? Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, one should consider the cost of a rehab program. What can you afford? What level of investment are you willing to make in your sobriety?

Choosing a drug rehab center is no easy task. Your first inclination is probably to ask what is the success rate of drug rehab? But that is not a fool proof way of knowing whether or not a a rehab center is for you. In fact, if you are given a success rate, treat that as a red flag for the center. Are they being honest with you? Please let us know if you have any specific questions about what to look for when choosing a drug rehab center. Our representatives are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 877-383-2284.

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