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What Is Rehab Like?

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There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding rehab. It represents an unknown that often scares people. Rehab shouldn’t be a frightening endeavor; it should be a safe and accepting place to help you properly recover from drug addiction. But that’s not always the image people have when they ask themselves, “What is rehab like?”

It’s not uncommon for one to think rehab is an authoritarian place, where rights are restricted. Some might believe it’s like an old fashioned boarding school where everything is somber and regimented. This is not how Prominence Treatment Center approaches rehab, and we want to break down stereotypes people might have of what an in-patient rehab center is like. This way, people might come to better understand what to expect at rehab.

Expect An Experienced Staff

First of all, let’s not forget that entering rehab isn’t like checking into a countryside bed and breakfast. Of course we have beautiful amenities like a bed and breakfast, but we are 100% committed to helping our clients achieve sobriety. That’s why you should expect to interact with world-class professionals on a daily basis.

The counselors, therapists, and doctors that work at Prominence Treatment Center (and other in-patient programs) are highly trained and experienced professionals. You are not checking into a clinic and being seen by a first year resident. Your needs are being attended to by years of medical experience.

Prepare For A Full Day

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Time away at a drug rehab center is usually for a very finite amount of time. Clients stay with us anywhere from 30, 60, or 90 days. In this time frame, expect your days to be filled with therapy methods to help you recover from addiction.

Prominence Treatment Center employs the Non 12-Step rehab approach for its clients. We treat the individual. Therefore specific days will depend on each individual’s treatment program. But a typical day at rehab will include an early morning meditation session, physical activity, four group sessions, and one individual session.

We’re sure to maximize your time at rehab to enable you to leave Prominence Treatment Center as a recovery addict.

You Will Be Surrounded by Comfort

Don’t be intimidated by the full day. We know the days can be intense, moving from one session to another. That’s why we make sure your stay is comfortable, with luxurious amenities.

Many of our clients end the day feeling tired and accomplished. And in order to keep up the daily success, clients must be able to recharge. That’s why Prominence Treatment Center is equipped with comfortable housing, calm surroundings and access to TV/Internet so each individual may enjoy their free time as they choose.

The main takeaway from what to expect from rehab is that you shouldn’t be afraid. It’s an accepting environment that gives you tangible guidance while surrounding you with comfort. In-patient rehab will equip you with the emotional tools to overcome addiction and live your dream life. Call us today to find out more about Prominence Treatment Center’s patient options. 877-383-2284.

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