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Three Unorthodox Addiction Therapies

Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is a difficult task. It’s even more difficult when you’re being treated in a manner that’s not compatible with your personal strengths. Last week, we discussed physical activity and its connection to the recovery process. While we advocate exercise, we understand there are other methods—methods that may seem unconventional—that help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

At Prominence Treatment Center, our Non 12-Step Rehab program offers a variety of different addiction therapies for individuals to help us accommodate the needs of many different people. Three of these therapies—equine, yoga, and music—might be considered unorthodox, but we’ve found them to be very successful in the recovery process. Here’s a little more information about the three therapies.

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy is unique but effective
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Equine therapy usually stands out as a method of treatment that not everyone understands. Equine therapy uses horses to provide metaphoric experiences and to promote growth. Equine therapists demonstrate how horses learn, react, and follow instructions to teach addicts concepts in self-improvement.

For example, one common lesson is placing the horse in the middle of the arena while patients try to get the horse to move outside of the circle without touching it. This often leads to a series of yells and claps—but no success. The moral of this lesson is that yelling or being forceful aren’t the best ways to accomplish tasks.

Equine therapy includes care of the horse, such as grooming and saddlery. Therapy sessions help individuals with impulse control, self-concept, perspective, and confidence. Self-improvement in these areas enables a more manageable recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a common exercise, known for helping people feel calm and connected with their spirituality. Those who practice yoga every day usually do so for the physical exertion they experience. When yoga is used for addiction treatment therapy, it is these same characteristics that are pivotal to healing drug and alcohol addiction.

Yoga offers people a channel for self-discipline and inner peace. These two traits are very effective when treating addiction. Having a strong mind and body balance increases the likelihood of addiction recovery. Yoga can help individuals release pent-up emotions that they’ve been feeling during treatment. It can also help them channel these emotions when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

Yoga is effective at helping to manage depression, anger, anxiety, and impulsive behaviors. Because our Non 12-Step Rehab program encourages physical activity, yoga is a perfect fit into our treatment programs. Healing the body helps heal the mind.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy Can Be Helpful to Recovering Addicts
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Music therapy can be used in two different phases of drug and alcohol rehab. One phase is early in the detox stage; the other is during follow-up treatments. Both phases effectively use music to help patients with recovery in different ways.

When music therapy is implemented in the early, detox phase, its primary function is to strengthen and support the continuation of treatment. Withdrawal during detox can be a very painful experience and it’s easy to want to quit. But music therapy can help alleviate this pain. Sessions with a music therapist can calm down an individual, decrease the need for more painkillers, and ultimately keep them on the path of a successful recovery.

Once an individual makes it to the follow-up treatment phase, music therapy is beneficial to helping addicts uncover the reasons behind their drug use. Sessions—either as a group or as an individual—are meant to help individuals open up about their past. Creating a comfortable and open environment through music engages individuals in a discussion about why they used drugs and alcohol, and how it led to their addiction. This is a big part of Prominence Treatment Center’s Non 12-Step Rehab ideology—we don’t just treat the symptoms; we seek to understand the reason behind the behavior.

Rehab is more than just sitting in a room talking to someone. Sometimes, unorthodox therapies, such as equine, yoga, and music, are helpful in treating drug and alcohol addictions. If you or someone you know needs another chance at addiction recover, perhaps the Non 12-Step Rehab program here at Prominence Treatment Center is the right place to start. Give us a call at  877-383-2284

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