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The Peak Ages Of Drug Addiction

PT221172There are millions of drug addicts in America and around the world, and many of them got into addiction at a very tender age. People may wonder what the peak ages of drug addiction are. Well, as we grow older, we undergo several physical and chemical changes that kind of modify the way we react to everyday situations. With these variations, there is now evidence that age has an influence on drug and alcohol abuse, and vice versa. But what is the peak age for drug addiction? Let’s find out together.

While it is difficult to determine with certitude the peak age of addiction, a 2003 study put the age at 18.6 in the United States after looking at admissions into treatment facilities for drug abuse. The report shows that 14 percent of these youths started using drugs before they were 13. According to the study, adolescents started abusing marijuana more than any other drug at a tender age.

An interesting statistic in this 2003 study is the number of children admitted into treatment centers who took drugs before they turned 13. This number remained fairly unchanged despite the fact that these children had previously been admitted in treatment centers. This is clear proof that the tendency of these children to use and abuse drugs remained high no matter how much time they had spent in drug treatment centers.

As already mentioned, it is almost impossible to tell the exact peak age of drug addiction. Statistics however show that illicit drug use increases within the young community, and peaks between the ages 18 and 20. In 2001, more than 22 percent of drug users were between the ages 18 and 22. Almost 4 percent were 12 and 13-year-olds, and just 4.5 percent were aged 26 and above. In total, 51 percent of all illicit drug users were between the ages of 12 and 25.

From these statistics, we can tell that the drug problem seriously affects the younger generation. It is time for America to stand up and take measures to solve this problem. Perhaps stepping up sensitization sessions will help get adolescents off the hook of addiction.

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