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Study: Happiness is a State of Mind

PT405172Happiness is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. No one gets to not be happy unless they decide to. There seems to be a growing number of Americans who, for one reason or the other, get to be unhappy all the days of their lives.

Experts warn that America loses billions of dollars every year on health care spending and low productivity due to people not being happy or being depressed. The good news, though, is that a recent study suggests that being happy may not be as difficult as it seems. The study notes that happiness is just a state of mind, meaning each individual can decide to be happy no matter the situation that befalls him/her.

According to a study carried out by experts from Harvard University, people who live their lives wondering about the future would likely be less happy compared to those who focus their attention on the current situation. The study notes that when you have a mastery of your mind and the current situation, you are better equipped to deal with the any situation that could weigh you down and hinder your happiness.

Focusing on the current moment and challenges makes you concerned about seeking immediate solutions; and these helps to keep your mind off factors that could get you worried and eventually lead to unhappiness. The Harvard study therefore confirms that indeed, being happy is more of a state of mind and not just an occurrence that befalls you.

A few tips to get you happy always; surround yourself with other happy people. These could particularly be people who decide to be happy even if they face difficult situations. Being mindful of your surrounding and focusing your attention on the situation at hand also helps to maintain your happiness. Express gratitude; appreciate efforts and circumstances that enable you growth in life, even if they are negative. Remember that only you can make something out of every situation that befalls you. Choose to be happy, and happy you shall be indeed!

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