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Signs You’re in Denial of Your Addiction

PT215171Many people around the world live in denial of their addictions. They usually do not identify the problem; talk less of dealing with it. People who deny their addictions will hardly get a solution to the problem. Until they accept that such a problem exit can they even start thinking of a treatment plan. Here are signs that should signal that you are in denial of your addiction.

You blame your substance use on someone else

One of the key signs of denial is you trying to blame your addiction on someone else; your parents, other family members, friends or even your partner. Quite often, it could be related to a past relationship, family or financial problem. Should you start blaming others for your drug problem, you probably are already deep into addiction and are living in denial.

You are not worried about your addiction

Does it sound like your excessive urge for drugs is normal? Then you probably are already an addict. Sometimes, it will feel like the people around you complain a lot about. Well, you have that feeling because you do not want to accept the fact that you are already drowned in addiction.

You feel you can quit any time

Most addicts find it easy to make claims that they can quit whenever they want to. The truth is that such people have not even realized they are dependent on whatever substance they are addicted to. They find it difficult to accept the fact that they are addicts, so they try to convince themselves that they can stop at any time.

You don’t see your addiction as a problem

Many addicts do not see their addiction as a big deal. To them, it’s just something normal and they really should not bother about it. The reason for this is simple; they do not want to accept the fact that they are addicts. In other words, they are living in denial of their addiction.

You see your addiction as a stress relief

Some people relate their addiction to stress relief. To them, over dependence of a substance is the only way to get some relief from life’s problems. This is just a sign to show that they are not ready to accept the fact that they are addicts.

You compare yourself with other addicts

This is something common with drug addicts. They find consolation in the fact that other people do the same thing like them. They think they may even be better because they know of people whose addiction is worse theirs. That is just another sign to show that they are living in denial of their problem.

Family and friends worry about you but you are not concerned

Most addicts suddenly stop listening to friends and family members. The people who used to matter to you suddenly do not mean anything anymore. That is because you deliberately block the views of these loved ones, especially those that are against your addiction. When you get to this level, it is a clear sign that you live in denial of your addiction.

You convince yourself you can and will get things under control

Sometimes, addicts do not see quitting as an option. Rather they will walk around claiming that they are cutting back on their addiction and so things will get back to normal. That is just a sign of their denial.

You avoid addiction and its related subjects when you discuss with others

Some addicts try to divert a discussion each time the issue of addiction is raised. That’s a clear sign that the person is not yet ready to accept the fact that they an addict.

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