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Should A Recovering Alcoholic Cook With Alcohol?

Should A Recovering Alcoholic Cook With Alcohol?

Completing an outpatient rehab treatment program is an amazing accomplishment for any addict. It’s a sign that the individual is ready to take control of their life and return to normal day-to-day activities. As we have cautioned in the past, leaving an alcohol rehab center is when the challenge of living a sober lifestyle really begins.

We’ve previously laid out seven tips for recovering alcoholics to avoid a relapse. Two of them that stand out are finding a hobby and resisting tempting situations. The reason why these two stick out is because cooking is a common hobby for people to take up. But cooking can sometimes put a recovering alcoholic into a tempting situation.

Should Recovering Alcoholics Cook with Alcohol?
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Cooking is a social activity that a person can truly invest their time and energy into. It complements our holistic treatment philosophy and empowers recovering addicts to live a healthier lifestyle. But one question recovering addicts and people around addicts often ask is, “Should a recovering alcoholic cook with alcohol?”

There are many fine dishes that require the cook to use small amounts of alcohol. For example, wine is used in many sauces like in a mahimahi with herbed white-wine sauce. Non-alcoholic drinkers have no problem with these trace amounts of alcohol. It enhances the flavor and can finish off a very fine dish. But for a recovering alcoholic, cooking with alcohol can be dangerous.

Despite the almost negligible amounts of alcohol in dishes, it’s not recommended for a recovering alcoholic to cook with alcohol or to consume food cooked in alcohol. Addicts often associate their drinking behaviors and patterns with different senses, and one can never be sure what might trigger a relapse. The very hint of alcohol could be enough to do the trick. It’s just too close of a temptation to risk a relapse.

Cooking with wine
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If you are a recovering addict, be smart, and choose an alternative method of making your desired dish. If you’re serving a recovering addict, be considerate of your friend’s needs. Doing so is no different than accommodating the dietary needs of a vegetarian. We can attest that overcoming alcoholism is a long process. It takes time and determination to not only become sober, but stay sober. Please be conscience of this and not use alcohol while cooking for a recovering alcoholic.

If you have more questions about alcohol treatment and recovery, feel free to reach out to one of our reps to discuss how Prominence Treatment Center can help you or a loved one. 877-474-7151.


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