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Seven Questions To Ask Yourself Before Rehab

Checking into a substance abuse rehab center is a big step. Deciding to go to rehab can be a very scary endeavor for addicts and it’s not a choice that should be taken lightly. Take the time to assess your personal situation and ask yourself these seven questions before entering substance abuse rehab.

Are You Ready For Treatment?

Are You Prepared for Treatment?
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Being ready for treatment is always the first step. If you are unprepared, rehab is going to be a difficult, and likely unsuccessful, experience. You must be honest with yourself and make sure you’re ready for a life-changing event. Inpatient drug rehab is not like a quick trip to the drug store for cold medicine.

Do You Really Need to Check Into an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center?

A quick follow up to are you ready for treatment, is do you need to check into an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center? The reasons why people check into a substance abuse program vary greatly. That’s why it’s important to call a drug and alcohol rehab center and talk to an intake professional for guidance. He or she can help you assess whether to pursue inpatient treatment or a more fitting alternative.

Do You Have a Support System?

Do You Have a Support System?
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Addiction treatment is no solo endeavor. Having a support system is essential to long-term recovery, so you must ask yourself which people in your life will be there for you on your journey. Whether the individual in question is a family member or friend, you need someone to support you. Times will get tough; temptation will present itself and resistance will be more difficult if you go it alone. Make sure that in addition to your own strength and dedication, you have people in your corner to help you along the way.

How Long Will You Stay In the Rehab Center?

In-patient rehab is an immersive experience. You are physically taken out of your day-to-day life and isolated to correct past behaviors. Individual stays can vary depending on the individual and his or her personal situation. By discussing your situation with an intake specialist, you will be able to gauge how long your stay should be.

What is the Track Record of the Rehab Center?

What's the Track Record of the Treatment Center?
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You never want to commit to a rehab center without understanding what kind of facility and program it is. Ask about their successes. You want to check into a rehab that has a reputation for helping its clients.  You should never spend your hard-earned money on a facility that lacks a history of proven success.

What Types of Treatment Programs are Offered?

People respond to substance abuse treatment differently, which is why Prominence Treatment Center offers a customized Non 12-Step Rehab Program. We offer a variety of therapies because we know people are different. That’s why it’s important to know what your options are. Not all treatment programs are created equal and you want to set yourself up for the best possible opportunity for success.

How Much Will Rehab Cost?

Money is a considerable factor in deciding where to go for treatment. Aside from being a major time and emotional commitment, inpatient treatment has a number of costs associated with it. Different rehab centers have different pricing structures and payment plans. Research what the costs are, what (if any) insurance plans the rehab center works with, and if there are financing options available. If it’s not fiscally viable for you to be admitted into an inpatient program, it might be best to research alternatives options.

We at Prominence Treatment Center advocate for effective substance abuse treatment. But we also know that having the right mindset coming into a rehab program is very important to your long-term success. If you feel you are in need of treatment, ask yourself these seven questions, and feel free to call us at 877-383-2284 if you need help in answering any of them.

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