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Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Addiction

doctor visitIt always feels uncomfortable talking about your addiction with your doctor. If the health practitioner is not friendly enough or someone you trust, you may never want to reveal every vital piece of information about your addiction for fear of being judged.

Unfortunately, for your doctor to effectively help you deal with your problem, he needs to know all there possibly can be to know. So you will have to make an effort to adequately answer all the questions he asks you.

To better understand your addiction problem, the medical practitioner will certainly ask you questions. He may seek to find out the drugs you use, when you started using them, how often you use drugs, and what dose you take of the drugs. The doctor may also seek to know if you feel you have a drug problem, if you have attempted quitting before, and what happened during that attempt.

Your doctor may also want to find out if family members and friends have criticized your use of a substance, and above all, if you are ready to get treatment for the problem. All these questions are meant to get the doctor better understand your problem so you should never be scared of answering them sufficiently.

But your doctor does not need to be the only one asking questions. In fact, to build trust in each other, it is highly recommended that you ask your doctor as many questions as possible. Feel free to ask questions if there is anything he does that you doubt. A good practitioner will take out time to listen to you and clear your worries.

Wondering what you could possibly ask your doctor? Find out from him what the best approach to your drug problem is; ask whether it is better to see a psychiatrist or a mental health provider. You can also ask if you will need to go to a hospital or a recovery clinic, or if there are alternatives to the therapy you are receiving. Feel free to ask about any worry you have of your addiction.

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