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Prominence Treatment Center Visualizes The Non 12 Step Program

We recently created an infographic to help potential clients, understand the difference between the Non 12 Step program a 12-Step program for addiction rehab. The infographic visualizes the most fundamental distinction between the two treatments, personalization.

Traditional 12-Step programs account for 94% of all rehab programs. The Non-12 Step rehab programs is largely unknown to the average individual.  Prominence Treatment Center’s infographic breaks down 12-Step vs. Non-12 Step treatments to help individuals looking for addiction treatment options make a more informed decision.

Treatment programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are considered 12-Step treatment programs. The success rate of AA is around 5%, due to the pre-determined steps users are required to take. But 12-Step programs like AA are much more popular in pop culture, which is why many people choose 12-Step treatments.

Our infographic focuses on the main reason for Non-12 Step success – unique treatments for each individual. By offering therapies like equine therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and positive approach therapy, individuals find the right mix of treatment for their specific needs and long-term success.

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