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Preoccupation With Muscle Mass May Promote Steroid Abuse

PT613172People have different levels of responsiveness in life and may try to get smarter using any means possible. Also, some men are not reasonably build up muscularly, and will do everything possible to improve on their appearance. While this should not quite be a problem, it becomes worrying when they go with measures that may influence their natural state of being with time. That’s exactly the worry researchers of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and others from the Harvard Medical School have.

In a recent publication, the scientists report an increase in the number of young but not quite athletic men using androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS) and other performance enhancers to improve their appearance and mood in public. According to the researchers, this is the result of society’s view of the male. They note that magazines, movies, adverts and even TV generally portray the male as someone muscular and “manly.”

To fit this description, young men who do not consider themselves well built go for AAS. They get unhappy with their body size and shape and seek every means possible to increase their muscle mass.

The bad news here is that people who use AAS are likely to suffer other drug disorders. They are prone to needle-borne infections, psychological issues, as well as heart, kidney and liver problems. It is not quite clear though up to what extent AAS must be taken to cause these negative impacts on the body, neither is the pattern of use and treatment strategies.

Researchers say they may need to carry out several other studies to get useful information on these doubts. And as they continue to chart out a way for us to get a better life, one message is clear; many people are clamoring for an increased muscle mass and scientists are worried this may spur steroid use among such people.

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