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Our Non-12 Step Philosophy

A core element of the Prominence Treatment patient experience is our commitment to the non 12-step rehab model of care. Our treatment model looks beyond the rigid requirements of the 12 step system and focuses on the unique needs of the individual. We combine science-based treatment modalities with holistic health services to craft a specific recovery regimen for our patients. Here are a few key elements that define Prominence’s non-12 step approach.

Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment refers to the idea that all of an individual’s personal needs, whether psychological, social, or physical are treated as a whole entity. Prominence’s holistic program addresses all of these facets of the human psyche with activities ranging from yoga, to art therapy, to music therapy and more.

These activities each contribute to a healthy, balanced life for recovering addicts. For instance, yoga is known to relieve stress and improve sleep patterns, while equine therapy has a therapeutic effect on its participants.

A Tailored Approach

Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of non-12 step recovery is its commitment to the individual. Rather than assigning the patient a series of predetermined steps to follow, the non-12 step model focuses on the unique problems the patient is experiencing. Counselors are then able to identify the root cause that drove the patient to abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place.

We believe patients are able to learn more about themselves and their addiction by opting for a non-12 step recovery alternative. Not only does our search for the root cause help accomplish these goals, but our regimen also features one-on-one counseling sessions with patients. This allows our counselors to come to a more intimate understanding of the issues the recovering addict is experiencing.

Looking Beyond the 12 Steps

Prominence’s program looks beyond the limits of the 12 steps. It delves deeper into the recovery experience by listening closely to the patient’s needs and utilizing a multi-faceted treatment approach to address their problems. We firmly believe this method makes for a more insightful, empowering recovery process.

If you or a loved one are in need of drug or alcohol treatment, our non-12 step program is a proven system to break free from addiction and live a life of lasting sobriety. Call one of our qualified, compassionate representatives to learn more: (877) 383-2284.

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