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Mental Illnesses are Linked to Drug use and Addiction

PT328172There is a lot of evidence to prove that mental disorders are directly linked to drug use and addiction. The National Bureau of Economics states that psychiatric patients are three times more likely to use drugs, and a majority of the people who abuse cigarette, alcohol and cocaine are diagnosed with mental disorders.

This situation is true even in the substance abuse community. At least a third of the people who abuse alcohol and more than half of drug users are known to have one mental health problem or another. This phenomenon is known as dual diagnosis.

It is not very difficult to understand why mental illness and drug abuse and addiction are so linked to one another. They naturally accompany each other help to increase the damages caused by each other. There is, however, a lot of discussion relating to whether drug abuse causes mental illness, or whether it is the other way round.

Three factors – genetics, convenience and the environment – are known to greatly contribute to mental disorder interrelating with substance abuse. A study from the BRAINLab at Washington University in St. Louis states: “If a mental illness, like depression, runs in your family, you are presumed at risk of that disorder. But we find that having a genetic predisposition to mental illness also places that person at risk for substance use and addiction.”

The study also notes that “genetic risk for both schizophrenia and depression are associated with cannabis and cocaine involvement.”

When it comes to environmental factors, stress, peer pressure, your neighborhood and trauma ought to be looked into. These factors correlate with each other and understanding the whole process greatly helps to improve prevention and intervention techniques.

If there were still doubts about mental illness being linked to drug abuse and addiction, it would be a good idea wiping out these doubts because the two are directly linked.

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