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Lessons to Learn From Lindsay Lohan’s Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is a much more socially accepted substance as compared to drugs such as cocaine and heroin. But that doesn’t mean it’s less threatening to your life. Alcohol, especially for women, can have serious effects to your long-term health. For instance, women metabolize alcohol at a slower rate. Which allows them to get intoxicated more quickly and puts women at a higher risk of alcohol-related health problems, such as cirrhosis, hypertension, or heart damage.

An example of this to look at Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol addiction, Hollywood actress. She has continually been in the news for her alcohol addiction, and it has caused problems—many of them public—for everyone in her life, especially herself. It’s a sad reminder that alcohol addiction is real and it’s difficult to overcome. But with the serious health issues at stake, it makes Lindsay’s painful behavior all the more worrisome to watch. Here are three lessons that everyone can learn from Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol addiction.

Acceptance is the First Step

The first step is acceptance
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Accepting that you have an alcohol problem is the first step to recovery. The importance of this step cannot be understated. If someone is in denial about his or her situation, there is no amount of help that will succeed. Individuals who don’t believe they have a problem simply cannot be properly healed.

The signs we’ve seen of Lindsay’s behavior make it clear she doesn’t believe she has a problem, or that she thinks it is under control. She’s had repeated (professional) attempts at sobriety, but those attempts seem clouded with other intentions—for press coverage or to fulfill a court order—rather than attempts to better herself for herself. Anyone can enroll in treatment, under duress, and go through the motions. But unless the addict is fully on board and has accepted his or her addiction, inpatient treatment won’t be the best option.

Find the Right Support System

For those who have not kept up with Lindsay’s dramatic life events, here’s a short version: her family life is dysfunctional. Her parents are divorced, and both of them have experienced or dealt with their own substance abuse issues. There seems to be a battle between them about what’s best for Lindsay, and always with the underlying expectations of money. It’s not a healthy situation. This is a huge reason why it’s difficult for Lindsay to sober up.

As we wrote last week, a recovering addict’s support system is extremely vital to his or her recovery. We went so far as to say that cutting out unsupportive people is a must. Sadly, it seems like this is what Lindsay must do. Her family clearly isn’t helping or supporting her properly. Last week she was allegedly paid to go party on New Year’s Eve with a Brunei prince for $100,000. That is not the kind of behavior family members of an addict should be supporting or allowing. Your friends and family play a pivotal role in your road to recovery. Be sure to surround yourself with positive people in your life.

Alcohol Is Not the Answer

Alcohol is Not the Answer
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It has been reported that Lindsay has begun drinking heavily again because of her financial problems. This is a common occurrence with alcoholics. There is a stress in their life, and they don’t know how to deal with it. Their [short-term] solution is alcohol.

While alcohol might dull the short-term pain or help you forget your bigger problems, drinking again will ultimately hurt you more if it’s the only method by which you can cope. Instead of drinking massive amounts of alcohol, learn how to address your problems head on. Break down the problem at hand into smaller, more manageable steps. This will help you move toward a solution, give you feeling of achievement, and prevent you from feeling so overwhelmed that you go back to abusing alcohol.

We hate singling someone out for his or her problems, but we used Lindsay Lohan as an example because she’s a very public figure. Everyone can learn from her mistakes. Unfortunately, Lindsay’s story is not much different than many other addicts. It’s just more public. Think about your friends and loved ones who might be suffering from alcoholism. Take these tips into account, and try to find them help.

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