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Khalil Rafati Was An Ex-Drug Addict — Now He’s a Successful Millionaire

PT520172Sometimes, you wouldn’t be who you were meant to be if you do not go through difficult situations. This certainly was the case with Khalil Rafati who relapsed nine times before finally succeeding to quit drugs. Khalil sold drugs along the streets and eventually became an addict himself.

One day, he created a superfood smoothie, the Wolverine. Since then, Khalil has been selling smoothies. Today he is a multi-millionaire.  But his journey to the top wasn’t a bed of roses. So how did it happen?

Initially, Khalil’s smoothie was designed to be an energy drink for people recuperating from drug abuse like himself. With time, it became the signature drink for his now very successful juice bar chain, Sunlife Organics.

Khalil Rafati underwent quite some challenges. He attempted quitting drugs up to nine times before he finally made it. After that success, he decided to do something that will be beneficial for himself and others undergoing his situation. From there, he has become a millionaire.

Had Khalil not stood firm and made an effort each time he relapsed, he probably wouldn’t have come up with the energy drink that has made him so rich and popular today. And Khalil does not hesitate to share his story. He doesn’t shy away from telling the world how grateful he is for being free from drug addiction. On Instagram, he shared a photo beneath which he wrote, “By the Grace of God I am here. Being sober has turned my life into such an incredible miracle.”

Rafati’s story should actually serve as inspiration for you if you are a drug addict today. The lesson to learn from the story is that you too can make something out of yourself even if the world thinks you are completely useless. All you need is determination to get out of that difficult addiction situation. With some effort, you can make it. And when you do, think of something you can do to make your life useful. You just could be the next Khalil Rafati.

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