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Join Prominence Treatment Center’s Alumni Program

We have often mentioned here that getting addiction treatment is only part of the battle. Entering an in-patient drug and alcohol treatment center is a significant first step towards a life of sobriety. Rehab centers like Prominence Treatment Center will help you understand your addiction, treat symptoms, and prepare for life after rehab. But there will always be temptations. That is why it’s important to have a strong support group around you. By joining an alumni program, like the Prominence Alumni Program, you’ll never feel alone after treatment.

Recovering Addicts Need a Hobby
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One thing that some recovering addicts have difficulties with when they leave in-patient rehab is that they go back to the same group of friends that they had before rehab. This means they might be exposed to drugs and alcohol, or that these friends are not supportive or understanding of what the recovering addict is going through. This is not the case with an alumni program.

We’ve stated in the past that hobbies are a great way to avoid temptation. They give you something to do as well as an activity that allows one to keep busy. Hobbies also give you a new network of friends and acquaintances, who can perhaps substitute the roles of existing friends who are not accepting of your lifestyle changes. While this tactic is effective, it’s not a silver bullet solution to keep you from relapse. This is why an alumni program is very helpful to recovering addicts.

Join Prominence's Alumni Network
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Our alumni program connects Prominence Treatment Center clients together, creating a network of individuals who are going through similar experiences. If you choose to be an active member, you have access to other recovering addicts who know what you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis. They can offer advice and encouragement to keep you focused during times when you’re tempted to relapse. There is no judgement, just support from fellow friends. When someone tells you, “I know what you’re going through,” they actually mean it. You can take their words and friendship at face value.

Sobriety is a choice. Getting help at an in-patient treatment center was a choice. Staying sober is a choice. Make the choice and continue to stay sober after treatment. Maximize your recovery and long-term sobriety by joining the Prominence Treatment Center Alumni Program. If you haven’t gone through treatment rehab yet, know that Prominence Treatment Center offers help, beyond your time at our in-patient facilities. Call Prominence Treatment Center today for more information about our rehab programs and alumni program. 877-383-2284.

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