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Is My Loved One Addicted to Drugs?

Couple after argument sitting on the sofaDrug addiction is a serious problem in America. The number of people who die from addiction keeps increasing, and today there is a serious worry that it may become even more of a major public health problem in the United States.

Quite often, people cannot tell when they have moved from a substance user to a substance abuser. The discovery is usually made when the individual has already progressed to addiction. Considering how serious the problem has become, there is a growing call for people to be watchful of their intake of drugs and other substances.

While it is almost impossible for an addict to even recognize their addiction, friends and relatives will easily do. So how do you know if your loved one has a drug addiction? Here are a few signs.

Extreme suspicion

We generally know the behavior of our friends and loved ones. When they start acting out of the ordinary, we can easily tell that something is wrong. When your friend starts acting really strange or taking decisions that you know they will normally not take, you could start suspecting an addiction.

It is not difficult to tell when you someone starts acting strange as a result of an addiction. The strange behavior easily gives you a clue. It is probably wise to engage a discussion with a friend or relative you suspect is addicted. But never make them know of your suspicion. Rather, let them know how much you love and care for them. Let them know that you want the best for them while you give them the opportunity to express themselves.


Another key factor that will help you detect if a loved one is addicted is attitude. Addicts tend to become so reckless and will not care about anything. They become very irrational in their thinking and seem to want to always take things to the extreme. If you recognize such character in a loved one, you should probably check further for an addiction.

Carelessness goes together with lack of control. You can easily notice this in the way they drive, at the job site or in just any normal everyday activity. Once you start noticing a shift from the careful loved one you used to know, suspect an addiction.


When a loved one becomes an addict, things start disappearing from his/her household or neighborhood. They resort to petty theft so that they can be able to afford the substance they are addicted to. Should you notice your loved one suddenly start stealing, it is most probable that he/she has become an addict.

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