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Is It Too Late For Me To Enter Alcohol Rehab?

No, it’s never too late to get help for alcohol addiction. No matter if you’ve relapsed once, twice, or ten times, it is never too late to get help for your alcohol addiction. You are not doomed to be an alcoholic for the rest of your life.


Is it ever too late for alcohol rehab?
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Alcohol addiction is not an easy addiction to overcome. Unlike other addictions, like cocaine and heroin, alcohol is legal. It’s readily available everywhere you go. Even when you’re not drinking or at a place that serves alcohol, you’re bombarded with advertisements for alcohol. You can’t get away from it. And if you’re a recovering alcoholic, this can be a very difficult predicament. It’s not surprising that some recovering addicts relapse. But, that doesn’t mean everyone relapses and it doesn’t mean that you can’t one day reach sobriety if you want to.

Never fear that it’s too late for you to enter alcohol rehab, because it’s not. Tomorrow is always a new day and so too can be your journey to sobriety. Whether you’ve been an alcoholic for decades and never sought help or you’re a recovering alcoholic that’s tried several times to recover, sobriety is an option. Here are three items to assess as you start a new, sober, chapter in your life.

1. Why Do You Want To Be Sober?

Keep this in mind during your recovery. It will help you through the difficult times. Focusing on a goal or underlying reason will allow you to drown out all the negative and unnecessary drama during your recovery. Is it your daughter that keeps pushing you? The thought of your failing heart? Know why you are quitting and never forget it.

2. Where Did You Go Wrong Before?

If you relapsed, determine why. Was it the crowd of friends you were with? Did you not occupy your time, leaving extra time to drink? Or did you lose focus and think one drink was ok? Whatever the reason is, learn from it.

The same goes for a first-timer in alcohol treatment. Why did it take you so long to enter rehab? What was preventing you? Know the answer to these questions so you don’t fall into the same trap again.

3.  What Kind of Life Do You Want to Live?

Using your past to learn from is smart, but dwelling on it is not. Don’t focus too much about your past and beat yourself up over it. Think about the future you imagine for yourself when you get sober.

Focus on the life you want during alcohol rehab
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Imagine the life you could live if you were sober. The extra money you have for you and your family; the increased energy you have from drinking less and exercising more; or the renewed friendships you have after you’ve mended broken friendships. There are lots of positives to life when you’re not attached to the bottle. Keep this in mind when you’re going through addiction treatment.

Alcoholics can feel hopeless. You know you shouldn’t drink, but you still do. You wonder why and feel bad because you know it’s wrong, but you can’t stop. That doesn’t mean you won’t ever be able to stop. Michael Jordan has been quoted as saying, “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.” Remember that! Failure at overcoming your alcohol addiction doesn’t mean you won’t one day succeed.

If you are ready to overcome your alcohol addiction, call Prominence Treatment Center and start the exciting next step in your life. 877-627-0371

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