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How To Overcome Drug Addiction

Stating a problem is easy. Finding a solution is not. This is the major issue that many drug addicts face. Friends and family are quick to point out a drug addict’s problems, but not so swift with a solution to overcome drug addiction. If you’re looking for ways to overcome drug addiction, start by reading this.

Where Do You Start?

Overcoming addiction starts with admission
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The first thing you need to do in order overcome drug addiction is admitting you have a problem. We have said this time and time again on this blog, and will continue to do so since the fact never changes. Overcoming drug addiction is much more difficult when you’re not convinced you have a problem. Why would you stop eating hot dogs if you don’t think you have a hot dog eating problem? It’s not going to happen.

Why You Need to Stop

Your family will suffer from your addiction
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The reasons why you need to stop abusing drugs are seemingly endless. Depending on whom you talk to, logical reasons are your health, your professional career, and your family. Drug addiction will impact each of these three aspects of your life. Every drug carries a health consequence, and depending on your drug addiction, the consequences can be dire. Drug addiction can also shift your priorities from work and family to drugs. This revised priority will result in poor work performance and alienated relationships.

There are more than three reasons for you to stop abusing drugs, but these three reasons are paramount. When addicts describe their biggest pain points and the aspects of their lives that have been most affected by their addiction, health, profession, and family dominate the conversation.

Why Overcoming Drug Addiction is Hard

Overcoming Drug Addiction
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Ending your addiction is hard. Part of the reason is your chemical dependence. Often you know that abusing drugs is wrong, but you can’t stop. That’s because you’re physically hooked. Like in the case of heroin, we mentioned last week that addiction comes from the chemical imbalance heroin induces. The increased endorphins result in less organic endorphins being produced by the brain, causing an addict to feel the physical need to use.

Along with physical addiction are numerous psychological reasons one might be addicted to drugs. As we discuss with our dual diagnosis therapy, there is a psychological reason you do drugs. There is an emotional void that needs to be addressed. Ignoring this void and simply implying that you can stop using drugs will lead to failure.

One Thing Is Certain When Overcoming Drug Addiction

Only one thing in drug treatment is certain; no solution works for everyone. So don’t go out looking for a silver bullet solution. It doesn’t exist. If someone says they have the perfect cure for your addiction, tread carefully. Some programs will say anything to get you to sign up.

If you are looking for help overcoming your drug addiction, feel free to use Prominence Treatment Center as a resource. Our intake specialists are available 24 hours a day to chat. We can help talk you through your situation and identify the best solution for you.

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