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How to Have an Intervention for a Loved One

PT322172Many people get confused between intervention and treatment when it comes to addiction.  Intervention is talking an addict into identifying a problem, and it is one of the vital first steps in the treatment process. Do you have a loved one who is addicted and are trying to have an intervention for them? Read on.


The first thing to do is plan the intervention. It’s a kind of delicate process, so it needs to be well prepared. Planning is also about reaching out to the best interventionists you can ever imagine. Remember this is a delicate process that can get the addict completely off the rail if something goes wrong. The interventionist should be someone who can be trusted and receptive.

Still in the planning phase, it is important to form a team. A team can comprise of the addict, the interventionist and trusted family members and friends. An ideal team should have at most six people. Once the team is constituted, it is time to come up with the treatment regimen. This is kind of a schedule of activities that must be strictly followed for treatment to be effective.

The intervention itself

When you decide to have an intervention for a loved one, it is important to not make it formal. Being formal can scare the addict away. Flow with the rhythm of the intervention and never try to push things. Let everyone in the team in a subtle way, talk about the sufferer’s addiction and how it negatively impacts them. It is OK to occasionally pour out some emotions. During the intervention, the specialist should be able to present a treatment plan in a serious manner. They should be able to make the event a serious one, especially in pointing out how vital it is for the plan to be respected. Expressing satisfaction and a feeling of success at the end of the meeting could boast the addict’s morale.

Follow up

After every intervention, it is vital to accompany the addict through the treatment process. It usually is not an easy task going through the treatment process, so every support offered will be extremely helpful. Continue to encourage the person as they through challenges, and make them understand that you are always there for them no matter the circumstance. These are the little secrets that work magic bringing an addict back to normality.

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