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How To Get An Alcoholic To Go To Rehab

In our last post we discussed how you can stop drinking alcohol. But our first sentence in that post stated that the first hurdle to overcoming alcohol addiction is admitting you have a problem. It’s this same problem that friends and family face when attempting to get a loved one to alcohol rehab treatment.

But there is good news, there are tactics on how to get an alcoholic to go to rehab. These are not the only solutions to helping a loved one go to rehab, but these are a good start to initiate the conversation.

How to Get an Alcoholic to Rehab
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Get Them Past Denial

If your loved one is suffering from denial and has no idea that he or she has an addiction, it’s going to be a more difficult challenge. Instead of fighting with them and insisting they are an alcoholic, the best move is to take a step back.

Whether or not you realize it, you are probably assisting in your friend’s alcohol addiction in some fashion. One of the most common things a friend does to unknowingly encourage addiction is bail them out. When drinking puts a loved one in a compromising situation, friends often make excuses on behalf of the friend or family member in question.

By making these excuses to help your friend avoid consequences, you are enabling them to skirt responsibility. If there are no consequences, there is no problem. So take a step back and don’t help your loved one next time he or she gets into an alcohol related problem. Make them suffer the consequences so they wake up to the reality of their drinking problem.

Get Your Loved One Past Denial
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Be Supportive

Support will be the best thing you can offer an alcoholic the entire time he or she goes through rehab. So when you approach your loved one about their problem with alcohol, you must do so with full support.

Approaching a loved one with any type of judgment or anger is going to put them on guard. The person will not be receptive to what you have to say. Even if you are angry, you cannot make that apparent to your loved one. Focus on the purpose of your discussion and the good that can come from it.

Support can also come in the form of a band of loved ones. Forming a group of friends and family who care about the addict to discuss his or her addiction can help. Use strength in numbers. This often results in an overwhelming feeling of love and support that can sway an addict toward recovery.

Support Your Alcoholic Friend
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Offer Help With “What’s Next”

Talking to your friend about alcohol addiction is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t get them to rehab. Keep the momentum up from your talk and present your friend with tangible options.

Conduct some research prior to your talk. That way, when the time comes, you are fully prepared. Choosing a treatment center can be overwhelming. Don’t put all of that responsibility on your friend. Show your support by assisting in this process, making the information more digestible. If you leave this decision up the addict, he or she could be less likely to take steps toward sobriety.

Confronting a loved one about addiction and rehab can be a delicate situation. But when you know your friend or family needs help, you have no choice but to help. Get the most out of your efforts through support, tough love, and research.


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