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How to Fix Broken Relationships After Addiction

PT131171Addiction can be very damaging to relationships. People will hardly want to stick to someone who becomes delinquent or a nuisance to the society as a result of his/her addiction.

But not all addicts remain in that state forever. Many of them quit their addiction and become normal human beings again. What happens to such people and their relationships? Is it even possible to repair a broken relationship after an addiction? Well it turns out it is. And if you’re wondering how, let’s find out together.

Apologize and try to reconcile

Like every other disturbing situation, to fix the damage to your relationship by addiction, you have to sincerely apologize to your partner. If they are kind enough to forgive you, try to reconcile so you can rebuild the relationship. This has worked for many people, but it takes an understanding and loving partner to forgive and accept you again. Of course, you will have to acknowledge your addiction to be able to even ask for forgiveness.

Be patient

You will have to understand that you may not be accepted into a relationship the moment you apologize and try to reconcile. In fact, you will like not be accepted at the first attempt. You should be able to exercise patience therefore; a lot of it. It generally takes time for people to heal from the damages caused by addiction. Even if your partner really wants to rebuild the relationship, they may not give in at the very first instance. Just be patient.

Rebuild your integrity

As you wait patiently for the moment they miraculously accept to rebuild the relationship you destroyed with your addiction, it is important to win back the confidence of your partner. Without trying to act things up, prove to them that you are truly changed and will never want to go back to addiction. Be genuine in your actions and this will help to soften the heart of your partner.

Simply put, your partner will find it difficult accepting you the moment you come trying to rebuild your relationship after an addiction. At least it will not be at your first attempt. That does not necessarily mean that the person has grown so much hatred for you and does not want to rebuild the relationship. Time is what really matters here and depending on what you do with it, will entirely determine whether your relationship gets fixed or remains doomed forever.

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