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How to Discuss Your Addiction with Your Primary Care Doctor

addictionThere have always been arguments and counter arguments on the importance of discussing your addiction with your primary care practitioner. While some people find it discomforting to share such vital details, most people agree that it is something you must do to allow your doctor to fully understand the nature of your problem and give the most appropriate prescription or therapy.

But even those who agree with this principle of information sharing sometimes find it difficult to do so. So what must they do to remedy the situation? How best can you discuss your addiction problem with your primary care doctor? Let’s read along to find out.

Because of the discomforting nature of the encounter, it may be a wise decision to take your friend or relative with you when going to see your primary doctor. It may also help to ask for a specialist if you are not sure of the kind of treatment you will receive from your primary care doctor. When going for the visit; there are a couple of things you are expected to do to make the encounter much more fruitful.

One of the awkward moments when you meet your primary care doctor is telling them just how deep your addiction has gone. Quite often, we keep such information secret because we think it makes us look bad. Unfortunately, that’s the best to deal with the problem.

Talk to your doctor about every medication, vitamin, supplement or drugs (prescription or recreational) you take, and the quantity. Prepare all questions you think you may have for your doctor and feel free to ask as many questions as possible. But as you ask your questions, remember that he/she too will have questions for you, and it will be absolutely necessary to answer the questions as accurately as possible. When you do all of these things, your meeting with your doctor will be smoother than ever.

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