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How Experimenting Turns into Addiction

PT125172Addiction is one very big problem in the United States, and many addicts do not even know how they got there. Usually, someone takes a substance just to experiment it. But before they discover, experimentation has progressed to addiction. But how does it happen that a person experiments a drug and ends up being addicted to it?

While it may not be easy to tell with certainty why and how people switch from experimental use to addiction, one thing remains clear; the whole thing is a gradual process. Psychologists note that young people generally want to experiment things. They are always eager to try especially the things they know are daring and could be dangerous to them.

Unfortunately, most of the substances that these youngsters will want to try, have substances that will leave them always wanting more. Cigarettes and other tobacco products have nicotine, while beer and other alcoholic products are substances that will create a sort of dependence in the consumer.   

Quite often, experimental use of a substance starts when someone is with friends. They get initiated by a drug, get really interested in it, become a heavy consumer, and before long, an addict. This is probably the reason why many youths become victim to addiction. They get exposed to addictive substances with no control over how they use it.

The problem of addiction is indeed serious and needs urgent action. Addicts will hardly know their status but those around them will. It is helpful if the period experimental substance use progresses to addiction is detected. If that happens, measures can and should be taken to sort the problem out before it gets chronic. Studies have predicting that by the year 2020, the United States might need double the amount of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers it currently has if nothing is done to control the current trend.

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