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Have You Ever Asked, “Am I an Alcoholic?”

It’s often been said, and this blog is no exception, that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. The one minor flaw in this strategy is that alcoholics don’t always realize that he or she has an alcohol addiction. When they ask themselves, “Am I an alcoholic?” it’s often done with genuine curiosity.

Are You An Alcoholic?
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How can an unknowing alcoholic determine if they actually have an alcohol addiction? There are several ways to determine alcohol addiction. But it’s always better to be able to do it alone, in the privacy of your own home, without judgment from others. Therefore, if you are concerned about your drinking habits, ask yourself these quick questions.

Do I Have a Drinking Problem?

If you answer, “Yes” to any of these questions, you should strongly consider consulting with an alcohol specialist to further examine your drinking behaviors.

  • Do you ever feel guilty or ashamed about your drinking?
  • Have you ever lied to others to hide your drinking habits?
  • Do any of your friends and family openly said they were worried about your drinking?
  • Do you need to drink in order to relax or feel better?
  • Have you “blacked out” and completely forgotten events due to your drinking?
  • Do you consistently drink more than you originally intended to?
Did You Answer Yes?
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Now, just because you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, it doesn’t mean that you are an alcoholic. In our last post, we noted that there is a difference between alcohol abusers vs. alcoholism. If you are asking yourself whether or not you are an alcoholic, it’s worth reading this article to understand the little-known differences between alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

If you are looking for help for a friend, it’s best that you reference our post on “How to get an alcoholic to go to rehab.”  We very neatly outline what measures someone can take to help someone he or she loves go to rehab.

Admitting that you have a problem with alcohol is not easy. It’s a very raw moment in your life, where you have to be brutally honest with yourself; and ultimately answer a question you don’t want to answer. But if you are suffering from alcoholism or related alcohol problems, seeking help is vital to your future.

By calling Prominence Treatment Center, you can safely speak to someone who understands alcohol abuse and alcoholism. All your questions and potential options will be laid out for you in a safe and understanding manner.

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