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Halloween and Alcohol: Tips for Staying Sober

Halloween and alcohol: these elements go hand-in-hand in late October. The holiday encourages participants to be daring, social and mischievous while stepping into an alternate personality. Spiked punch and festive drinking games are par for the course as partygoers celebrate eerie thrills late into the night.

Given these conditions, it’s no mystery why Halloween brings unique challenges to those in alcohol recovery. Drinking is often seen as the only way to fit in or enjoy oneself this time of year. But these four tips show that there are plenty of ways to have Halloween fun without the temptations of alcohol.

Involve your Network

We have stressed the importance of having a network of sober people in a recovering addict’s life. Doing so allows for a safe environment and mutual understanding in the recovery process. During the holidays, a sober network is especially crucial to staying free from temptation. If you are attending a party or social event, bring fellow recovering addicts with you.

This will lessen the peer pressure to drink as many of your companions will share in the experience of being sober at the party. Also, you will no longer feel the need to impress those around you by drinking if you’re surrounding yourself with people who have already accepted you for who you are.

Be the Designated Driver

There is no better excuse for staying sober at a party than to act as the designated driver. Partygoers will thank you. Between 2007-2011, 52 percent of all US fatalities on Halloween night involved a drunk driver. This should not only serve as a tip but also a hard, fast policy: Anyone drinking over the legal limit should be accompanied by a designated driver when leaving the party or going to another location. Be on the lookout for drunk driving this Halloween as it could endanger someone’s life.

Throw Your Own Party

If you want to exercise more control over your temptations, consider throwing your own Halloween party. This will allow you to determine the people, refreshments and activities being featured at the event. You could elect to have an alcohol-free party with only sober attendees, or you could plan an event with limited drinking strictly among those who are accepting of your sobriety. As the party host, these issues are each a matter of your choosing.

Trick or Treat!

If you can do without the party scene this year, there might be a little one in your life who can occupy your night with some innocent fun. Take your child, niece, nephew or sibling for some good, old-fashioned trick or treating. The smile on that child’s face might be more satisfying than a room full of intoxicated adults for once. You may even relive some fond memories from your youth in the process.

These are only a few examples of what you can do to avoid the urges of alcoholism this Halloween. Whatever activity you choose, it is important to plan ahead and keep sobriety your number one priority.

If you need someone to talk you through the pressures of Halloween drinking, our compassionate team is standing by to help. Call 877-383-2284 any time of day for a free consultation.

Image Credit: Britannica Kids

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