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Get Addiction Treatment During the Holiday Season

The holidays are filled with friends, family, and food. The season is meant to bring everyone together, to foster memories of moments spent sharing and rejoicing with each other. But if you’re an alcoholic, the holiday season can be a difficult time. Some memories, the unhappy ones, resurface. They wreak havoc on your head and your heart, and drive you to drink, oftentimes more heavily than usual.

Instead of taunting your temptations by participating in the holiday season, this time might be better used to start your alcohol addiction rehab. Here are three reasons why investing in your health this holiday season might be the best decision you make all year.

1. Alcohol is Abundant (and Free!)

Alcohol is Abundant
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Holiday parties have an ample amount of alcohol, oftentimes for free. It also seems to be more socially acceptable to drink more frequently during the holiday season. Between your office party, your friends’ parties, and your family gatherings, there are many different opportunities to drink. This overexposure to alcohol, coupled with holiday peer pressure, can be dangerous for an addict. It could lead to a binge you’ve been trying to avoid. Don’t put yourself in these tempting scenarios.

2. You [Don’t Really] Want Your Last Hurrah.

With New Years just a month away, it’s easy to put off getting help for your alcohol addiction. You’re planning on starting the New Year clean and sober, so why not have one last hurrah? Everyone else is binging—what hurt could it do to join them? You think it’s best to get it all out of your system now, so that on January 1st, you’re ready to start clean with no regrets.

But this is not reality. This one last hurrah can be damaging to your health. It could also ignite a disagreement, which could possibly ruin your relationship with friends and family (more on that later). Carpe Diem. Start your addiction recovery early. While others may be enjoying their last hurrahs, you’ll be able to secure a spot in an alcohol treatment center before the New Year’s rush.

3. Family Tension Can Trigger Your Temptation.

Family Tension Can Trigger Drinking
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As wonderful as it may be to see your family, it also has the potential to bring up contentious feelings. Often, while trying to enjoy your family’s company, bitter disagreements and old disappointments manifest. When tensions boil, these unresolved issues could spark a fight. Drinking alcohol to relieve the distressed emotions can act as fuel to the emotional fire. This would make for an unpleasant holiday and possibly erode your relationships. Is this a chance you really want to take?

Prominence Treatment Center Can Help

Prominence Treatment Center is a great alternative to the aforementioned holiday debacles. We have a personalized in-patient treatment that is perfect for someone trying to get through the holidays. It’s not just about isolating yourself and following a strict regimen. Our Non 12-Step Rehab treatment is meant to cater to each individual’s needs. It treats you as a person and helps the recovery process in a holistic manner.

While we strongly encourage you to call us for more information, there are a few things you could do if you choose not to seek alcohol addiction treatment at this time.

Find Sober Friends. Spend as much time as you can with people who don’t drink. They can help support you through the holiday season and will not encourage spiking your eggnog or any other kind of drinking.

Drink Club Soda. (Or any other non-alcoholic drink.) Oftentimes, people feel out of place when they’re used to drinking and are now no longer doing so. At a party, you may be asked why you’re not drinking, which can be awkward. Instead of walking around empty-handed, carry a club soda with lime. You’ve eliminated one talking point that could make you feel uncomfortable.

Indulge in a New Vice. It’s a constant battle to not drink when you’re around alcohol. This fight can become laboring. Instead of giving in to alcohol, allow yourself holiday cookie or something else you might not normally have. It’s a short-term fix, but can help you through this dense period that you usually spend drinking.

Though alcohol addiction knows no holiday, it is important that you take your health into your own hands. Start your alcohol addiction recovery during the holidays; it’s the best holiday present you can give yourself.  Contact us at Prominence Treatment Center or call us at 877-383-2284


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