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Does Marijuana Cause Harmful Effects to the Brain?

PT427172Have you ever seen a person high after taking marihuana? Did it look like if had a harmful effect on his/her brain? Well, the issue of whether marijuana causes harmful effects to the brain or not has been up for discussion for a long time now. And whether or not the drug actually has harmful effects on the brain will probably be discussed for a very long time. So the question remains; does marijuana cause harmful effects to the brain?

Let’s attempt to answer this question by first of all looking at the way the brain functions. Neurotransmitters pass on information to and from the brain, and this helps to keep our human functioning normal. If we can move and think and function like humans, it is because these neurotransmitters function normally. But what happens when marijuana is introduced into the system?

Marijuana has a main active component known as Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC has been scientifically proven to slow down the process of communication between the brain and body parts. It’s simple; the body’s system functions normally. When someone takes in marijuana, THC sets in and disrupts that normal functioning of the body.

There is a simple and practical way to look at this. Consider your body to be a well organized office and Marijuana with its THC content as an intruder. When the intruder gets into the office, it disrupts everything; it turns off the lights, unplugs the AC, scatters important documents about and above all, disconnects internet connectivity. How evident is it that such an office functions normally and yields good results? Certainly not!!!  

Just like the intruder renders the offers inefficient, so does marijuana impact the body. It should be remembered though, that marijuana is a drug. When prescribed and taken at the right dosage and for the right ailment therefore, it does a lot of good to the body.

So are you still wondering if marijuana causes harmful effects to the brain? Well, you alone can best tell based on your judgment. But depending on who takes it, what reason it is taken, what dosage it is taken, marijuana can be the best thing a person ever takes, or the worst nightmare that same person ever experiences.

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