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Does Holistic Care Work for Addiction?

In one word, yes! Prominence Treatment Center is a strong believer in holistic rehab care for our clients. It’s a core principle of what we do here.  We believe that to properly treat addiction, you must address the problem in its entirety, which means going beyond the short-term symptoms of addiction. That’s why holistic rehab therapy and care are very important to us.

Holistic care is a method of treatment that attends to all the needs of a client. This means the psychological, physical, and social elements are collectively treated as a single entity during rehab.  Humans are not compartmentalized beings. Everything works together. That’s why your rehab must take everything into account in order to have a full recovery from substance abuse.


Addicts Need Psychological Helps
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A great deal of our rehab programs are predicated on understanding the root cause of your addiction. Your mind has been trained to crave an escape and that’s why you end up using drugs; even if you know it’s not the right choice. But why do you revert to such abuse? Our therapists work together with you to determine the root cause of your addiction, because such issues will help your treatment immensely. But diagnosing the reason behind one’s addiction is only part of the struggle.


Exercise Is Important To Recovery
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Physical well being is a very important yet underrated aspect of recovery. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Regular exercise can do a couple of things for you during and after recovery. First, it gives you a hobby. Relapse is often the result of too much time on one’s hands. Getting into a regular physical exercise routine and eating healthier will help better utilize your time and make you feel great.

Secondly, exercise has a physiological effect on the brain. Exercise causes the release of endorphins, stimulating your mind and body as well as making you feel great. One might call this a natural reward system from the human body. Since depression typically plays a role in addiction, physical exercise can help alleviate these issues naturally, keeping your mood upbeat and enthusiastic as a means to help your sobriety.


Part of Recovery Deals with Your Social Life
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A great deal of recovery is addressing the psychological issues and dealing with the physical signs of addiction. But social skills and self-esteem enhancement are important to a recovering addict. This is often because, you have to make new friends after rehab. Not because your old friends are bad people, but they still might be involved in activities that are detrimental to your recovery.  It’s easy to slip and return to your old habits if you’re still surrounded by friends who abuse drugs and alcohol. That’s why social skills are crucial to a well rounded addiction recovery process.

Finding friends who support and even live a sober life will help prevent a relapse after leaving inpatient care. There will be no immediate temptation to relapse with these friends. You won’t be pressured into attending activities where you might be tempted. Instead, you can be productive with your free time and can enjoy the company of new friends. Idle time is a dangerous thing for a recovering addict.

By going beyond just addressing short-term symptoms we set our clients up for long-term sobriety.  There are many parts in motion with recovery. Holistic care assists in recovery very effectively because it addresses all your needs and improves your odds at long-term recovery by teaching you the skills you need to stay sober. If you’re interested in turning your life around, please give one of our reps a call to find out what your next step is. 877-545-8472.

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