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Do You Know What Triggers Your Addiction?

Many people suffer from addiction, but don’t know how they got into it. They eventually find themselves struggling to quit and may make several failed attempts before they finally find a solution to their problem. But what triggers addiction? Let’s find out.


Stress is proven to be one very serious addiction trigger. Many people engage in cigarettes, alcohol and other substances to relieve themselves of the stress of life. As time goes on however, they get glued to these substances. Eventually, they require more dose of the same substance to get the same relief they used to get. As they continue with these substances, dependence sets in and before they realize it, they are heavily addicted. Stress is a major addiction trigger.


The people around us greatly contribute in triggering our addiction. Some people tend to be so loyal to their friends that they will do anything to keep these friends. Such friends can easily influence us to addiction if they are themselves addicts. Watch out therefore, the kind of friends you keep. You want to be careful not to let your friends lead you down the path of addiction.


Just like friends, the places we go to can trigger addiction. People who frequently go to bars and nightclubs for example, may want to try smoking or drinking excessively; activities that are common in such places. When they try it, the tendency for them feel cool and want to continue is usually high. If you do not want to fall prey to addiction, watch the places you go to.   


Some events can trigger an addiction. They could get you initiated into a drug or a substance and then you eventually get addicted. When you attend such events, the probably of you starting to drink is not completely zero. And once you get initiated, there is no guarantee you will not become a regular consumer and eventually an abuser.

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