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3 Warnings About the Dangers of Prescription Drugs

The words, “prescription drugs” have a tricky connotation to them. When people hear this term, they often think of a safe drug that has been cleared for use by a Doctor. But this is not always the case. Many users experience a false sense of security that blinds them from the growing dangers of such drugs. Here are three warnings that people should take into consideration when using any type of prescription drug.

Simply Because a Drug is Legal Doesn’t Make it Safe

People have a tendency to place prescription drugs in a more favorable category than illicit drugs simply because they are legal. If the government has approved the sale and distribution of a drug, it must be safe, right? Wrong. In a previous post on this topic, we pointed out that prescription drugs are the leading cause of fatal overdose. Risks of such drugs include intense sedation, slowing of breathing and addiction. Each of which can lead to death or serious health risks.

Prescription drugs can only be considered legal when taken with the approval of a Doctor. Obtaining them from a non-medical source or using them in excess of a Doctor’s instructions is both unsafe and illegal. Don’t be blindsided by the dangers of prescription drugs simply because they are “legal.” The health risks of these substances should be taken no less seriously than crack, heroin or other illicit narcotics.

Just Because Doctors Prescribe Prescription Drugs to Some People Doesn’t Make them Safe for Everyone

Doctors are arguably the most revered officials in our society. They are the only people that human beings routinely entrust their lives with. Consequently, their seal of approval goes a long way with patients of all ages and backgrounds with respect to any type of medical advice.

Some people misconstrue the fact that Doctors prescribe drugs like opioids and benzodiazepines to their patients, leading them to believe that such drugs are safe for recreational or non-prescription use as well. This is perhaps the most dangerous misconception surrounding prescription drug use.

Anyone who takes prescription drugs without consulting a Doctor runs the high risk of death or serious bodily harm. As far as the user is aware, he or she could have a medical condition or a prescription drug regimen that is deadly in combination with such drugs. Not to mention, without a Doctor’s instruction, the user is uncertain of the correct dosage of medication they should take, causing further safety concerns. Any time a prescription drug is taken, it should be done with the explicit approval of a Doctor.

Just Because a Friend or Family Member Takes a Prescribed Drug Doesn’t Mean you Should

Because of the relatively easy access to prescription drugs, it is not uncommon to know someone who is taking such drugs on a regular basis. Like the approval of Doctors and government officials, this can also serve as a source of validation for recreational use.

This warning is especially valid for young people. As stated in our post, “6 Terrifying Facts About Prescription Drugs,” 64 percent of teens who abused prescription medications originally obtained them from a close friend or family member. Don’t be a victim of the misconception that your friends and family know what medication is best for you. Always consult a Doctor before using any prescription drug.

The purpose of these warnings is not to scare people, but to empower them to make the right choices when confronted with the growing prescription drug epidemic. If you or someone you know has neglected any of these warnings, we’re here to help. Our qualified team is standing by 24 hours a day to listen to your concerns and address your needs. Call 877-383-2284 today for a free consultation.

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