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New Findings on the Dangers of Bath Salts

Bath salts—these words have a harmless ring to them. They are commonly associated with cleanliness and soothing relaxation. But even the most casual news follower has come to see them in a different light. Numerous reports and medical studies have identified bath salts as an extremely dangerous drug that perpetuates violence and dysfunctional brain activity.

Our August post on bath salts identified some of the harmful effects of the drug and offered footage of the horrors a potential user can expect. Since then, a slew of new information has been released about the substance, reinforcing the notion that bath salts may be the most harmful and addictive drug on the market today.

A report compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) last month revealed that during 2011, roughly 23,000 hospitalizations occurred in the US involving the use of bath salts. The report explains, “33 percent of these visits involved bath salts only,15 percent involved bath salts combined with marijuana or synthetic marijuana, and 52 percent involved bath salts in combination with other drugs.”

These findings are alarming on two levels. First, the fact that nearly 2,000 Americans per month end up in the hospital after verifiable signs of bath salt use is astonishing. When asked to define bath salts a year ago, many Americans would have pegged them as a product that makes for a delightful bathing experience. But the SAMHSA report demonstrates that the drug is gaining serious momentum in the world of substance abuse.

Secondly, the report strengthens the prevailing belief that bath salts perpetuate the risk of drug abuse and addiction. Note that 67 percent of those hospitalized in the SAMSHA study were abusing other drugs in conjunction with bath salts, indicating a correlation between the use of bath salts and other drugs.

Lawmakers have heard enough about this dangerous new drug. State and local governments are heavily cracking down on the substance, which could have previously been purchased at one’s nearest retail smoke shop. Last month, the state of New York passed new legislation to ban the sale and use of bath salts, claiming that it has caused widespread death and hospitalization among young people. Similarly, counties throughout South Florida adopted bans on the substance earlier this year.

Like lawmakers, former addicts should take notice of the dangers of bath salts. Addicts should beware of the temptation to use this new and seemingly harmless substance. Sellers often label bath salts as a “legal high,” convincing potential users that the drug can be enjoyed in compliance with the law. As this post states, this is far from the case. The use of bath salts, along with its violent consequences, is becoming increasingly punishable by law.

If you or a loved one has experimented with bath salts, Prominence Treatment has qualified representatives standing by to explain the dangers of the drug and help you identify triggers that lead to such behavior. Call 877-383-2284 today for a free consultation.

Image Credit: Flickr: Gerald Mendoza

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